Tuesday 4 March 2014

Blog Love!

There are quite a number of Blogs that I love. I faced a dilemma about which ones to feature as my choice of nominations for the first Liebster Award I received a few months ago. Making a decision proved to be super tough! 

When Write Tribe gave Blog Love as the topic, it was time to feel helpless yet again!

Show some blog love today! :)

There's a Hindi-film song, "Kis ko pyaar karoon? Kaise pyaar karoon? Ye bhi hai, Woh bhi hai...haye!"
(Whom do I love? How do I love? This one is there, That one is there... Oh!")

Just picking a couple of Blogs out of the hundreds is a gargantuan task.

Here are some that are my top-of-mind recall:
(Note- If you are reading this and your Blog doesn't feature in this Post, be assured that both you and your Blog are awesome!)

JEETE RAHO- Today's efforts are tomorrow's Gains.
Indu Chhibber's Blog "contains articles about Mental Health,a few case histories,some poems and an assortment of tit-bits about Astronomy & Astrology."
I love her style of writing about personal development and the positivity she exudes. Do read her Blog. Each and every Post is a gem and motivates.

Arti loves "traveling to spiritual destinations in India." Arti treats her Blog like her diary here.
I love her Blog's simplicity and the down-to-earth and feel-good aura her Blog exudes.

Seeta Bodke's Blog  is- "...of fiction, infotainment, and issues that surround us."
I love her Blog's candid spirit and sincere and honest opinions that come shining through.

Soumya's Blog has some cool stories, poems and observations. 
I love her Blog's excitement quotient! Even the LOL Disclaimer that states- 'All posts, poems and any written word here are my thoughts and opinions. If any one feels offended maybe they suffer from a serious case of guilty consciousness. Its better you stop trying to make an ass out of yourself and others because I know why I wrote and about whom. If you don't like this place, then please stay away.' I am not staying away!

Red Handed's Blog is a "personal blog. Self mockery is what she feeds the blog with. A firm believer of the fact that ‘Humour is the silver lining to all the dark clouds in your life’, she believes in showcasing her insanity as a medal of honour. This does not stop her from getting serious sometimes and talk about mundane things like world affairs. She is Bipolar like that."
I love her Blog's fresh appeal and humour!

Preethi Venugopal's Blog has Poems, Paintings, Portaits, Fiction...
I love her Blog's cool creative presentations.

Poonam Khanduja's Blog has Poems, Fiction and Posts for other causes...
I love her Blog's amazingly creative poetry based on a word's letter-expansions.

Indrani Ghose's Blog has "captions and titles on wordless moments." It  is wonderful to submit our own captions. I Share has travel-related info based on India and abroad. It is great to learn about the people she has met in her travels too.
I love her Blog's travel-passion & sense-of-humour!

There are a lot many Posts I wanna shower my love on! Deadline is next door!

Day 2 (March 3rd) brings with it a request to show some blog love.  



  1. GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I ever be Thankful enough!! Early morning happy grin!!!

    Rest assured, you are one of my favourite bloggers!!

    1. Thanks Red! :) I am thankful to be in great company :)

  2. Oh my !!!!!!!!I am totally speechless Anita ! This is a priceless gift-thanks a million.I only hope i can come up to these high expectations.
    Love n hugs to you!

  3. Thank You So SO much Anita... I am honored, flattered and blissfully happy seeing this post... Love you so so much too...

    You made my day!!! God bless you dear...

    1. Thanks Preethi :) I love the excitement :) May God bless you :)

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :D

    You are awesome!! Thank you so so so so so so much! :)

  5. Yay! Thanks a bunch, girl. With this honor and your kind words of appreciation, you just made my day! Lots of warm thoughts and love to you, keep rocking! :)

  6. Second time I am seeing Red Handed in blog recommendations today :) Need to go check her out ASAP!

  7. You made my evening Anita!
    Just back from work and you make the Tuesday Tension disappear!
    Thanks for the mention! :)

    1. Nice to know, Poonam! Keep those refreshing rhymes coming!

  8. I repeat all of the above and more :) you sure made my day dear! and as red handed put it, you need not be told who that Anita is whom we all dearly follow :)

  9. These are all beautiful blogs! :) Truly deserving choices,Anita. Wonderful! :)

    1. Yes Preeti! These are some of the supercool Bloggers.
      Do be assured, I value your Posts! Congrats for featuring in Tuesday picks yet again :) Best wishes :)

  10. Hey Anita! Read some of them like Red Handed who writes in a pretty cool manner. There are others I've heard a lot and gotta check. Lovely list:)

    1. Thanks Vishal! Not an exhaustive list though. I always feels guilty while making such lists as I know I can't include everyone as I like so many Blogs & Bloggers.
      Our styles are so different. The unique factor must be celebrated. I need to write at least a dozen posts to do justice. But, then there are so many hidden gems- Blogs that I am yet to discover & am still discovering :)

  11. I do like Soumya's and Red Handed's blogs...have to check out the others. Popping over from Write Tribe FOW!

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by & reading & sharing! :)


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