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The word Pattachitra is derived from the Sanskrit word “patta”, which means a painted piece of cloth, or a plate; "chitra" means paintings or pictures.

The brilliantly colored Pattachitra works originated at Puri. They were/are produced as souvenirs for the pilgrims of the Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha. 
Pattachitra is linked with Shree Jagannath Temple. 

You can see more images in this post- Pattachitra depicting Rasagola Dibasa and Niladri Bije Rath Yatra.

Themes for the Pattachitra paintings range from incidents in Krishna’s life and the avatars of Vishnu to the epic tales of Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

Orissa Pattachitra is a Geographical Indication (GI) of Odisha, India.
Type: Handicraft 

Orissa Pattachitra got registered as a GI on 9th April 2007, under class 24 and 16 (Wall hangings made of textile and paintings). 
The Registered User of Orissa Pattachitra is “Orissa State Cooperative Handicrafts Corporation Limited.”

Pattachitra is also spelled as Patachitra. 
However, the spelling in the GI is "Pattachitra".

Also, the spelling of Orissa has been changed to Odisha in 2011.
However, the old name "Orissa" will continue to be used as the registration was in the year 2007 i.e. before the spelling change to Odisha.
You can read more in this post- Odisha Geographical Indications and Spellings

It is sad to see cultural appropriation.
Just changing spelling or name doesn't make a work someone else's. Why not use own original name and represent correctly? 
There is a lot of misrepresentation and misleading information about Pattachitra. 

Note- Patachitra of Bengal is registered as Bengal Patachitra in 2018, while Orissa Pattachitra earned GI tag a decade ago. 
In many "Patachitra" articles, Odisha's name is tactically omitted.

It is being shown as Bengal's work with no reference to Odisha in several articles.
This IndulgeExpress article is another example. 
"Juxtaposing the sublime elements of the popular Patachitra tribal art of Bengal" ?

Many of Odisha's skilled Pattachitra artists have won state and national awards.
Pattachitra artist, Ms. Saudamini Swain of Odisha with her 'Boita Bandana' art.
Ministry of Commerce & Industry organized the first all-India Exhibition of Geographical Indications at the GI Pavilion at the India International Trade Fair (IITF) at New Delhi in Nov 2018. President's Award winner and state-awardee Odisha Pattachitra artist, Ms. Saudamini Swain and I represented Orissa Pattachitra at the GI Pavilion at IITF.

P For- Pattachitra
Orissa Pattachitra
I am writing A-Z posts about the Geographical Indications (GIs) of Odisha #OdishaGI.
GI is a distinctive certificate used to identify a product as originating from a particular region or locality that has specific qualities, reputation or other unique characteristics. GI products are linked with the culture, traditions, history etc. of a geographical location. 

Only when info is shared, people can learn and be aware.
This is my sincere attempt to share information about the GI Tags of Odisha.
You can check out my other GI posts here.
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Let us all use GI products - the "invaluable treasures of incredible India", and encourage our artisans, weavers, and farmers.
Are you aware of the Geographical Indications of India? 
Did you know about Pattachitra?
Please do share in the comments below.


  1. Highly informative and interesting post about pattachitra. Visited Raghurajpur a couple of years back. Have a few pieces in my house.

  2. Didn't know about pattachitra. Very informative piece. Good one :-)

  3. It is a beautiful art form that needs to be protected and preserved. It's sad that cultural misappropriations occur and the talents artists who deserve credit are passed over. Thank you for spreading awareness.

  4. I have seen them at Puri but did not know their history. I have learnt so much about Orissa from your posts. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much. Spelling has been changed to "Odisha" in 2011.

  5. I have seen Pattachitra paintings, but wasnt aware about their origin and details. Thanks for this informative post, Anita!

  6. Never knew the Bengal angle of Pattachitra.... I always thought it belonged wholly and solely to Odisha


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