Sunday 5 April 2020

Shine Your Light Bright

Covid-19 has given a fright,
Shaken & slapped us tight.
Strength of unity seems right.
Day always comes after night.

Let's follow guidelines together,
Stay at home - now or never!
Salute to all saviours trying harder,
We'll be braver, stronger & smarter.

Coronavirus pandemic will go.
Things won't always be low.
Let's break the chain and show!
Social Distancing must grow.

It is time to Shine Your Light
We are together in this fight.
Let our lights shine bright!
Lights will show our might.

Tonight will be a memorable night-
Lights will take the spotlight!
9 PM for 9 Minutes, do unite!
Everything's gonna be alright.
This poem is inspired by the words- 'Shine Your Light' - song by Ricky Kej.
PM Narendra Modi ji has appealed to the citizens of India to switch off the lights in their homes at 9 PM on Sunday, 5th April 2020, and light lamps, candles or mobile flashlights for nine minutes. 
Let's do this to show our nation's strength of unity in the fight against COVID-19.
I will be joining, will you join us too?


  1. Beautiful poetry on the contemporary issues.

  2. Inspiring thoughts there expressed in beautiful lyrics.
    I participated in the event. I don't understand why some opposed it. Those who opposed it are the very people who wait for every opportunity to light candles to highlight an issue.

  3. Beautiful poetry. Yes, it's important to keep calm during this situation

  4. Wonderfully penned... Yes, all will be well and great!
    We too had lit up our balcony... Everyone in the layout celebrated the moments like Deepavali.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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