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Let us start with a quiz question: 

Answer- Gopalpur cluster of Jajpur district of Odisha is famous for Tussar fabrics. 
Tussar is a type of silk. 

There is another famous place by the same name Gopalpur- but, Gopalpur-on-Sea refers to a picturesque beach town located in the Ganjam district of Odisha. This place is near the 'silk city' of Odisha that is famous for the Berhampur Patta (Phoda Kumbha) Saree And Joda.
Gopalpur Tussar Fabrics are produced in different parts of the Jajpur district of Odisha. Shri Gopinath Mohanty has elaborately described about these fabrics in his editorial "Cultural heritage of Jajpur district".

Tussar fabrics are manufactured in three blocks namely Rasulpur, Dharmasala and Barachana. 
The art of weaving tussar fabrics in Gopalpur cluster is about 400 years and is linked with saint, Shri Chaitanya. It is said that some worshippers came as migrants and settled in Gopalpur. As some of them belonged to the 'Gopal' i.e. milkman community, thus, the village was named as Gopalpur.
The lustre of Gopalpur Tussar fabrics is well-known. The water of the river Brahmani is used for degumming. It impacts the quality. The shining quality of tussar silk, the distinguished designs and fine layout and harmony of colour schemes make this product unique.

Motifs like fish, lotus, chakra, star, temple, conch, swan, peacock, parrot, deer, elephant, lion etc. are used. Tussar fabrics (thana), saree, scarf, shirting, dhoti, cushion cover, chadar etc are some products manufactured using Tussar.

Tussar silk and cocoons are displayed in many exhibitions of Odisha so that visitors can be aware. Here are some images from the 'Make In Odisha Conclave 2018'-


Ever wondered what should be the spelling of Tussar?
Odisha's GI registration has this spelling.

However, multiple spellings are being used currently viz. Tasar, Tassar etc., as evident from the above exhibition photographs. We need to ensure a uniform spelling is used

Proper GI representation is necessary.
Here are some other spellings that need to be taken care.

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T For- Tussar
Gopalpur Tussar

I am writing A-Z posts about the Geographical Indications (GIs) of Odisha #OdishaGI.
GI is a distinctive certificate used to identify a product as originating from a particular region or locality that has specific qualities, reputation or other unique characteristics. GI products are linked with the culture, traditions, history etc. of a geographical location. 
Only when info is shared, people can learn and be aware.
This is my sincere attempt to share information about the GI Tags of Odisha.
You can check out my other GI posts here.
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Let us all use GI products - the "invaluable treasures of incredible India", and encourage our artisans, weavers, and farmers.
Are you aware of the Geographical Indications of India? 
Had you heard of "Gopalpur Tussar" fabrics?
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  1. I knew of Tussar but didn't know about it's linkage with Gopalpur... Thanks so much for highlighting this... It's my ancestral place Gopalpur... I am so proud to know about this bit about it :)


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