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How or why or when does a product or person find a place in the news? 

Some Geographical Indications (GIs) are really famous and are newsmakers. GI products are known for their unique and superior qualities, reputation and characteristics. Many people have heard their names, though the same people may not be aware about the term - "Geographical Indications" or that the products have got GI tags.

Some Examples: 
  • Darjeeling Tea - This was India's first Geographical Indication.    
  • Nagpur Orange - It gives its city the pseudonym 'Orange City'.
  • Kashmir Pashmina - Handcraft shawls, stole and scarves, made from the fine wool of Pashmina goat, are sought after by buyers in India as well as abroad.
  • Banaras Brocades And Sarees - If there is a survey of sarees, then this famous saree should be the top-of-mind recall of a majority. It is a popular choice, especially for weddings.
Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi
Anushka Sharma chose to wear a vermillion Banarasi saree, created by several artisans from the Peeli Kothi area in Banaras, at her Delhi wedding reception.
While Virat Kohli wore a black textured silk signature bandhgala with the house buttons in 18k gold and a white silk kurta with hand-woven brocade churidaar.

Did you know that all the above listed products are GI tags of India?

And there are quite a number of examples.
After all, certificates for Geographical Indications and GI tags are granted to such unique and reputed products.

When does one find GIs in the news?
1. When products earn the GI tag

2. When celebrities or important personalities use GI products 
Smt. Sonia Gandhi bought Kandhamal Haladi
3. When there are GI exhibitions 

Exhibition of Geographical Indications of India held at IITF 2018 at Delhi 
Exhibition of Geographical Indications 
Image may contain: 4 people, including Anita Sabat, people smiling, possible text that says 'KOTPAD HANDLOOM FABRIC forum in Delhi. Telegraph picture Bhubaneswar: Sabat. entrepreneur, represented the at the Alliance Business Forum held in Delhi week. Brics Alliance Business was formed to shape strong economies based innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration also to together business leaders, business facilitators, investors entrepreneurs, professionals around world. As part the states showcased their products have got geographical ndications showcased products the including Kotpad handloom, Odisha applique Konark carving, Odisha pattachitra, Khandua Habaspuri sari, Dhalapathar parda, sari, Sambalpuri sari, Gopal-pur tussar and Berhampur kumbha'

4. When there is media representation and info about GI is published/shared

5. When news anchors and media guests wear GIs!

In the above images the news anchors are wearing Orissa Ikat - Sambalpuri Bandha and Khandua sarees. 
This author's humble request over the years has been - Let us all use GI products - the "invaluable treasures of incredible India", and encourage our artisans, weavers, and farmers.

6. When there's "controversy"

I can bet in the history of Geographical Indications of India, no other GI has generated as much interest and news items as the Rasgulla!

Banglar Rasogolla got the GI tag on 14 November 2017.
Do you know that Mahabalipuram Stone Sculpture too earned the GI tag on the same day?
Yes, on the same day when Banglar Rasogolla earned the GI tag!
However, only one of the newspapers of India had found this news important enough to be reported on 14th November 2017. A few others reported the same news the next day. 

But, in contrast, on the same day, most news channels and media highlighted the news that West Bengal had won the GI tag for 'ROSOGOLLA/RASGULLA'!
A majority have been focusing simply on Bengals's Rasogolla over the years!  
All of them reported that Bengal has won the Rosogolla war against Odisha. Most of them spread misleading & fake news.
How could Odisha have lost when Odisha had not even submitted the GI Application for Odisha Rasagola? 
When Odisha earned the GI tag on 29 July 2019, some newspapers did not even think it important to publish the news! 
How to let the wrong info be prevalent? Suppress/hide the truth!
If a news-worthy product doesn't not get its due, how will people learn/know about it? 
That is how and why the lies, propaganda and "controversies" are still kept alive. 
I request all news media to please share the correct information and not be a party to fake news.

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Newsmaker GI Tags

I am writing A-Z posts about the Geographical Indications (GIs) of Odisha #OdishaGI.
GI is a distinctive certificate used to identify a product as originating from a particular region or locality that has specific qualities, reputation or other unique characteristics. GI products are linked with the culture, traditions, history etc. of a geographical location. 
Only when info is shared, people can learn and be aware.
This is my sincere attempt to share information about the GI-Tags of Odisha.
You can check out my other GI posts here.
Let us all use GI products - the "invaluable treasures of incredible India", and encourage our artisans, weavers, and farmers.
Are you aware of the Geographical Indications of India? 
Do you recollect having read about any Geographical Indication GI tag in the news?
Please do share in the comments below.


  1. Such attitude of medIa houses is unfortunate. Thankfully today we have social media and to some extent we are able to create awareness.

  2. This is very informative. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Honestly, I didn't knw there was something called GI! Better than that, all your posts related to it...are really informative.

  4. Thanks to your posts, I am getting enlightened about GI products. I remember reading about the Rasgulla controversy on your blog :)

  5. Wow, Darjeeling Tea and Banarasi saree and brocades. All my fav! Lovely post Anita. You're writing such an informative post in each day.. I just love to read all of them.

  6. This is very informative. Thanks for sharing such insightful post.


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