Wednesday 29 April 2020

Those Were The Days

Richi was showing her photographs to her grandchildren.
They saw many people were sitting and eating. The younger version of their grandmother was also there.

"Now where is this place? Looks like you are celebrating your birthday!" 

"These places are called 'restaurants'. When I was young, we used to have many such places to hang-out and enjoy food and drinks."
PHOTO PROMPT - Dale Rogerson
The kids looked at one another. 

"Why don't we have these now?"

"In the year 2020, there came a pandemic named Covid-19 that mandated 'social distancing' and put an end to all such public places... Now, we just have memories..."

100 words story for Friday Fictioneers.

I know this is a far-fetched pessimistic portrayal of the pandemic issue. I feel Covid-19 too shall pass.
Restaurants and hotels will again be open. It is a matter of time.
What do you feel? Please share in the comments below.
Stay Home. Stay Safe. Take care.


  1. Dear Anita,

    Let's hope this isn't the future reality.

    Shalom and stay safe,


  2. You're right. We'll go out to restaurants and bars again

  3. Okay, Anita, it's time to move on!
    Neat but bleak and improbable view of future

  4. Oh crumbs, I hope this isn't going to become a reality!

  5. Guess I'll have to start looking for new employment now, then.

  6. I'm sure there will be restaurants, but I'm not so sure what they will look like in the near future.

  7. I agree with you--this too shall pass. Already, the sleeping bear is beginning to rumble, rejecting being cooped up any longer.

  8. We've taken a lot of things for granted for a long time. Nothing is guaranteed. I don't think your story is outside the realm of possibility at some point.

  9. I really hope this doesn't form the reality going ahead... It's indeed a scary reality which may just come true!!

  10. Just think there may be restaurants but the floor space might not be so crammed... my dream.

    I'm sure if there are no restaurants there will be alternatives.
    At any rate we have something to tell the next generation.

  11. It brought a smile when I read your gloomy projection.I believe we will have more commodious and well designed restaurants.All things will return quickly with improvements once the vaccine is found.

  12. We have enough nightmares as it is, without the banning of restaurants for ever!

  13. Oh, this is such a frightening reality!

  14. Lots of grim predictions of the future this week. Great story!

  15. Things will undoubtedly change but I hope there are still restaurants in my future.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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