Monday 9 March 2015

Mysterious Packages

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She was surprised to receive a surprise package that had a gadget-like item inscribed with text she had no clue about. 

When she received some more of that electronic stuff, she reported and handed those over to the police and detectives for investigation. 

Later that week, when mysterious flying objects were spotted in the sky, she was reported missing along with the packages- they seemed to have vanished without a trace.

2015-03-09 - BW Beacham

Those packages were an Alien's love-letters expressing his invitation to her for a future life as his wife on his planet with grand plans!

The Alien had researched for a suitable life-partner from all the available prospective matches in the Universe's database, and as her horoscope had perfectly matched his horoscope, he had visited Planet Earth to pick his bride!
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  1. Oh so spooky, would be interesting to receive such packages though :D

  2. A nice story! Please return tomorrow for the Mondays Finish the Story challenge that uses the photo you featured with the opening line of the story as provided. Be well!

  3. Lol :D Even aliens have horoscopes huh? ;)

    1. Depends on our beliefs!
      Do read the story in detail (link given at the end)

  4. Hi Anita ~~ Don't accept packages from strangers. But if you do, it may be the right thing to turn them over to the police. That has gotten you involved though. I'm with Leo, what a line !!! But aliens could do horoscopes, we won't know. Only your heroine here and the aliens know.

    Thank you for finding me and for your nice comment. I do hope you will get to travel. We are sooo fortunate to be able to do this in our later years. We do run a pretty tight budget.

    1. Sane advice, Jim :)
      Sometimes, life makes us get such gifts!
      Nice to learn about you & your life & interest for travel :)

  5. Ohh! What happened next??? I just read your latest alien post that shares lots of matters with this story but, there she wished for a 100% match... What about this girl??? Now I am sure, you are planning for a sequel.... eagerly waiting...

    1. She's the same girl! That story is based on this one. It's a longer version of this, Sindhu!
      Just like she had her own wishlist, this Alien had his too & they both got to meet as theirs was a perfect-match!
      The girl went out of her own free will!

      "Someone somewhere is there for you!" That's any part of the Universe!

  6. A good imagination is a wonderful thing! Interesting read. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for your nice words & maiden comment here! Welcome :)

  7. Hahaha Aliens with horoscopes :-) innovative! :-)

  8. Was that PK by any chance? :) quite imaginative I must say! All the best for BAT!

  9. Now, intrigued what the package actually contained ;)

  10. ha ha ha What a imagination Anita! Awesome!

    By the way the participation count is wrong I think. It should be the no of editions you have participated and not the post of posts you wrote.

    Someone is Special

  11. this is I think a childish take on the prompt and you this time spoiled it by mixing it with other prompts, although nice imagination and i never doubts the existence of aliens

    My Blogaton Post Letter of A Girl

  12. Anita,
    Space Fiction, certainly an interesting approach and you diminished the differences between Humans and Aliens with matched Horoscopes. To add a vague imagination as well.
    Good luck again :)

  13. A different take altogether. Good to see the variety of takes.

  14. Alien and Horoscope! :-)
    Was he PK? ;-)

  15. Hahahaaa :D ...Aliens are spying us ? And fascinated?? Nice thought !! Waiting fr these things to happen too :P

  16. :) Is there a follow up post ;)
    All the best for BATOM


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