Tuesday 10 March 2015

Just Like Her!

She was smart and highly qualified.
Her family wanted to get her married. Everyone’s concern was that she will be 40 soon and that her biological-clock was ticking. 

40 was still some years away. But, she was sick and tired of the way people exaggerated & hounded her...
Made her wish she could just disappear to some place far away... 
“Main hoon hi nahin is duniya ki!” (I don’t belong to this world) She sang a Hindi-movie song. 

It was her life and she wanted to live it her own way. They wanted her to start a new life and set up her own home. 
Source: Housing.com
But, she wanted to get married if and only if she could find a compatible partner. As she believed in astrology, she wanted her horoscope and likes and dislikes to be a perfect-match with her life-partner. By perfect she meant- cent percent! Her family had given up hope as the best match they could arrive after matching hundreds of horoscopes was 75%! 
“75% is good enough. Why this silly demand? 100% matching of horoscopes is not possible! Not normal! And then, how can you expect 100% match of likes & dislikes also?” her parents tried to reason out. But, she just listened to her heart.
“Mere jaisa dhoond ke la mera sajan.” (Find a beau who’s just like me!) She sang this Hindi-movie song.

She registered her profile with her photographs and all her details on a site named “Universal Match-Making- Find your Soulmate.” 
“Looks, skin-colour, country of residence, religion... don’t matter.”
“Must be taller than I am.”
“Must be smarter, stronger and more intelligent than I am.”
“Must be able to read my mind.”
“Must know cooking and should not demand that I make “Round Rotis”!

She typed all the above and her wish-list that she had in her mind.
She believed- for a perfect marriage, the wavelengths of both the partners have to match.
She was confident that God had created the perfect partner for her. He was there somewhere... they just had to meet each other...

She motivated herself with a line from a Hindi movie-“Agar kisi cheez ko sacche mann se chaho, saari Kayanat ussey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.” (If you love something with a true mind, the whole Universe tries to help you attain it.)

Then, one day, she was excited to receive a message that a 100% match had been found, just as per her requirements!  
After that, she started receiving some Mysterious Packages

When she unwrapped, she saw some gadgets with unidentifiable text.
Was this some joke? Having no clue, she handed them over to the police for investigation.

That night, she was awoken from her sleep by loud thunder and sudden rain. She stood in her balcony as drops of water splashed on her face.
She hummed a Hindi-movie song-
“Mere khwabo mein jo aaye... usse kaho kabhi saamne to aaye” (Ask the one who comes in my dreams to come in front of me.)
Her wish was fulfilled as the next moment a young man stood right in front of her! 
Words were not necessary as he communicated with his brain.
Like her, he too had been looking for his perfect Soulmate and had registered online! She was just what he was looking for! When he received a message that a 100% match had been found for him, he had sent her love-letters. 

But, then, he realized that she didn’t know his language and would be unable to read. As his communication had a range, he himself had come to propose and take his bride.
“Will you marry me?” 
She said, “YES!”

The next day’s news-reports claimed that some flying objects had been spotted in the night sky.
There was no conclusive evidence that those were Alien-spacecrafts.
She was no longer found, nor were those packages... seemed to have vanished... 

She was happy to #startanewlife in a new home on an Alien planet with her 100% Soulmate, who was just like her!

Two Shoes in Texas- Normal 
ABC Wednesday- J

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  1. Main hun hi nahi is duniya ki suits her well in the end!!!!!

  2. Beautiful and yet sad that there was no one on earth to fill her needs. I am pretty sure he won't ask her to make round rotis for her! However her future looks filled with with the wonder of the stars.

  3. Fantastic story! First I thought, she would learn that she is expecting too much and would realise that 100% match of horoscope is impossible... But, the entry of alien is a surprise! Would love to read about her life in the new world with her soulmate... Hoe the sequel is coming soon :) TC! Keep smiling :)

  4. What a great story. And what are the odds of a 100% match?

  5. Ah, inter planetary compatibility. Hmm, earth men are going to have tough competition soon.

  6. Thabwas a nice flight of fantasy, Anita:)

  7. A very enjoyable read. Normal can be boring. I'm glad she held out for the 18K love!

  8. OMG, totally unexpected! :D
    I loved her wishlist though ;)

  9. Interesting.

    Thanks for visiting. Robert was an old town character and has been gone for years./

  10. I love happy ends! This was a good story and I read it with pleasure! Thank you.
    Wil, ABCW?

  11. very interesting Anita.. I enjoyed reading the litle story :) Thank you


  12. This was a fun story! Some of us truly do feel like maybe we don't fit well in this world, and that our lives would be a better match somewhere else. Still, I don't think finding someone just exactly like you would be the perfect match, there must be some similarities but also some differences to keep it interesting and to balance each other's likes and needs!

  13. hahah! interesting story with awesome ending! :)

  14. That's an interesting story, Anita. :)

  15. very cute..:) mai hun naa #part 23 :)


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