Sunday 29 March 2015

Need For Dignity

“But you don’t need to worry about that now; just try and see for yourself.”

He tried to convince his petite fiance when she expressed her big concern that his room and home didn’t have an attached bathroom.

She felt like a fool having decided to marry him and having to go to the fields to answer nature’s call as there was no toilet!

He appeared chilly to suggest open defecation.

She shared info about Puffins.

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When two Puffins become mates for life, they build homes on cliff sides with toilets for their future offspring to use; Source

"Even birds understand the need for toilets for their young, and work for their future by building toilets!"

“It’s glorious when we consider dignity as our responsibility.

He knew he had to immediately build a toilet to marry her!

Note-  It is unthinkable for one part of the world. But, the truth is many parts of the world still don't have toilets in their homes. Sanitation & hygiene is very important and a basic human right. Hope everyone in the world has access to these facilities soon...

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  1. Educative and informative post. Wish this post reach the rural/ semi - urban areas and they act upon it.

    1. Truly Ajay. Hope everyone has access to at least the basic facilities...

  2. The message is strongly put across with simple words...
    Reminds me of Vidya Balan's campaign...

    1. Yes, even I thought of the campaign, Satya :)
      Toilets are much needed.

  3. Superb post on Swachch Bharath campaign!
    Never knew about Puffins... How interesting creatures they are!

  4. This is a basic and important sanitation need to insure the health of everyone, not to mention privacy and convenience. Your story made me smile in that she did not discover this situation until she agreed to marry him, yet there was a serious message here too!

  5. Interesting take on the prompt. Bet he'll be building that toilet quickly!

  6. Educative and Informative .. Interesting post :)

  7. wow :) Loved this post and how you related an issue with such a simple conversation :)

  8. Simple, and effective story-telling. Loved it.

  9. Message conveyed very effectively. Lovely puffins, intelligent too.

  10. A precise , simple yet powerful post for a cause. Loved it!

  11. you have merged the separate prompts in one WONDERFUL post Anita . Its inspirational !!
    the way you weave these for one post and what a post ... simple and to the point . Loved it to bits dear !!


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