Monday 9 March 2015

Why Aliens Visited The Vineyards?

"On March 9th, 2015, three objects were reportedly seen in the skies over the Borracho Todos los Tiempos Vineyards."

She was surprised to see the news-channels flashing this breaking-news about 'Alien-visit'. 
No objects had been found so far.

2015-03-09 - BW Beacham
Her grandfather owned a major area of the Borracho Todos los Tiempos Vineyards. He had established a wine-factory there.

He had a bad fall last week and had fractured his back and was bed-ridden. 
She had just reached her city after paying him a visit in the weekend. As he was so old, the doctors had lost hope of a speedy and complete recovery.

News-reporters were reporting LIVE from the site. As the cameras zoomed in she could see marks that proved that the Alien spacecrafts had indeed landed near her grandfather's home! 

The reporters inquired if anyone had seen the Aliens. Her grandfather was being interviewed on TV!

Her grandfather said that he hadn't seen any Aliens. But, his fractured body had now healed and he felt fit enough to run a marathon!

She was overjoyed to learn this and excitedly dialed his phone-number!

Nobody knew that her grandfather's grandfather was an Alien, who had settled on Planet Earth. She wasn't aware that like her grandfather, she too had Alien blood.

Planet Aspen still keeps track of its citizens' families and ensures their well-being...

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  1. What a fun story, Anita. Thanks for sharing your alien thoughts.

  2. The way you carried the story was flawless. It would even make the UFO enthusiasts to ponder upon why alien visit the Earth often. Well done Anitha :)

  3. Nicely done Anita! Generations of aliens living here on earth! Can you just imagine? Thank you for participating and I hope that you return next week! :) Be well... ^..^

  4. I loved the story and I believe I like this planet Aspen. They keep track of their citizens and their well being. Now grandfather is good as new - literally.

    This was goood!

  6. I did not read the beginning or the first part of this but I totally love Alien stories and Alien movies :D :P I look forward for reading the next part and continuation of this story ! Loved it !

  7. So well written Anita. I did enjoy the thought of good aliens looking out for each other.

  8. That's a super creative post and hatke bout' aliens:)

  9. Wow! That's superb, Anita! I was thinking about Jaadu in Koi Mil Gaya until I read the last two lines... It's super exciting!

  10. Interesting story there Anita :)
    I always wonder if aliens really exist though!

  11. OH..

    I do wish goverenments of every other country also look after the citizens as the aliens are doing .. learn something good ..



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