Monday 16 March 2015

On Planet Kizia Together!

Story so far: She agreed to travel with an Alien, who was Just Like Her! and to be his bride as their horoscope matched 100%. 

They boarded the spaceship. There was a crown-wearing ceremony. That was enough to proclaim them as man & wife! He was King and she was Queen and they were going to their Kingdom.

The spaceship started moving at the speed of light. 
The Sun is the star that is nearest our Planet Earth. It is 150 million kms away from the Earth and light from the Sun takes about 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach Earth. 

She was awe-struck and was wondering about the amazing distance between her planet and the new planet that would be her new home when she found the answers in her head.

She got the answers to whatever she thought in her head as her husband could read her mind perfectly!
It would take about 50 minutes to reach Planet Kizia that was at a distance of 900 million kms from Planet Earth.
That was so far from her home, her street, her city, her country, her planet...
Petergate, with a view of York Minster, York, UK photo by Tess Kincaid; Magpie Tales

She got a grand reception at Planet Kizia.

At first glance, life on the Alien planet seemed advanced, sophisticated, hi-fi & interesting- just like the stuff of Science-Fiction books & movies.

King went for work and asked Queen to take rest. 

She was feeling very low and guilty. Life on an alien planet had its share of complications.
She wondered if she had made the right decision. She badly missed her parents & her home.
She had left without a word to anyone...

It was her choice. She struggled to make it her home and to feel at home.She felt helpless.

She realized that like Planet Earth, in the new planet too, women had to leave their home and settle in their spouse's home or planet. So unfair!

"No, not really! As per our Planet Kizia rules, whoever has the superior planet gets the upper-hand! As your Planet Earth is lagging behind mine, you are here; else I would have settled in your planet!"

Her husband, who was excellent at reading her mind, had dropped in to provide instant answers and solutions! He had sensed negative signals & had come to replenish her optimism!

"See, our planet is one of the most advanced in  the Universe! Remember- Survival of the fittest!"

"Plus, no worries! We have hi-tech communication to establish communication with Planet Earth. You are also free to visit whenever you wish! It's less than an hour away! Inter-planetary travel will take lesser time than intra-city travel!"

"No matter where we stay, in a new relationship, we need to adjust- whether it is with a planet or with a person. Even if our partner is the one who is the most intelligent or compatible with us, we still need to adapt and work for the magic to last." cover

"But, be assured that together we can enjoy the journey of life! What do you say?"

She was filled with hope and optimism for their new life together.
She communicated, "Like you, I too Dream To Journey With You!"

Then, King & Queen looked up at the starlit sky and wished upon a shooting star...

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Note- This story follows my previous story-  Just Like Her!
Thanks all for motivating me to write a sequel! 


  1. I wanna say that this has nothing to do with the picture and that would be okay if the writing grabbed me but it doesn't.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views, Bekkie. Points taken.
      I tried to connect the pic with the heroine's home & street & city & Earth. One misses all this a lot when one is away, especially when on an Alien planet at a distance of millions of miles...

  2. I would say superb and creative. You have poured out the feelings of a girl when she gets married. The house of in-laws is also another planet for her. But that one expectation of adaptability is missing on this planet.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation, Fayazji.
      Yes, I had that in mind- Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus!
      They are from different planets :)
      But, for a good relationship & life together, we need cooperation & proper communication. What better than finding an understanding partner who'll always fill us with hope & optimism!

  3. I would say superb and creative. You have poured out the feelings of a girl when she gets married. The house of in-laws is also another planet for her. But that one expectation of adaptability is missing on this planet.

  4. Wow! 900 million Kms in 50 minutes!! Then she can come every now and then to meet her parents!!!
    Her question '....women had to leave their home....' and his answer for it is Superb!
    Fantastic it is... But, we are addicted to it and we want to read more! Too greedy, ha! :D
    TC! keep smiling :)

  5. Whattay a story ! I read the prequel of this story and the way the story shaped is so fab ! And she was upset because even on the new planet she had to stay at her husbands haha, Indian traditions being followed even on Planet Kizia ! :D

  6. Wild imaginations and they keep us hooked!!! :)
    Amazing write up Anita!

  7. Interesting mix of old and new...


Your words mean a lot to me.

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