Friday 13 March 2015


Two of his colleagues stole his ideas, took credit for his hard-work & earned the perks & promotion he deserved! 

It was not in his nature to be vindictive to those two partners in crime, who were room-mates & like birds of a feather flocked & stayed together.

"Why do bad things happen with good people?" he questioned God. 

That night when lightning struck, his colleagues' home was badly hit & completely destroyed them.

He realized that God steps in to ensure divine justice & uphold truth by being vindictive at times...

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Five Sentence Fiction- Vindictive


  1. Hmm....I'm not sure about a vindictive God.

  2. It's fiction so everything goes, I like your story.

  3. vindictive God .. wondering ..! liked the story

  4. If God really punished people for their wrong deeds so quickly and so strongly, people would have never done any crimes! But, truth is, he takes his own time to teaches in his own way...

    Glad you punished them...

  5. I think God can be just, but I am not sure vindictive is His way. Interesting take on the prompt.
    Here is my story:

  6. Good people also attract good things.

  7. The wheels of justice, it is said,grind slowly,but in this case God seems to have acted swiftly and in your perception vindictively.

  8. Good take on the prompt dear, I can say bad people also pay the price for their wrong doings.... :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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