Thursday 5 March 2015

Look Up!

Sara checked on Brownie. He showed no improvement.
Sara was trying to nurse him back to health ever since his accident last month.
The accident had cost her father’s life.
Now Brownie was all she had...
Sara couldn’t afford to lose him.

Sara’s father was an award-winning jockey. He was so gentle with all his horses. He talked to them and treated them with respect. Sara too learned to be kind and compassionate like him, and treated the horses as her dear friends.

Sara even figured out what the horses were trying to say and both father and daughter had a lot of communication with their horses. Sara’s father lost his job, fell into hard times and had to sell off his horses as he could hardly afford meals for them...
Sensing that Sara was sad, Sara’s father said, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Then, one fine day, they had a smart young guest at their home. He just stopped by as if this was his destiny. Perhaps God had sent that special chocolate-brown-colored horse. Sara and her father were overjoyed and named him Brownie. Ever since Brownie came to their lives, their fortunes looked up. Sara’s father got a new job in the city and settled there with Sara and Brownie.
Image of Chestnut Horse
Sara & Brownie; Source

Brownie was the winning horse in so many races!
Other jockeys were envious of Sara’s father.
Her father’s Manager was very calculating.
He was planning to drug Brownie before the next important horse-race so that a lesser known horse, on which his clients had bet money, could win the race in place of Brownie.
But, that was unethical as it was “fixing” the race.
When Sara came to learn about his scheming ways, she informed her father.

Her father warned his Manager and threatened him to mend his ways else he would complain to their boss.
The Manager apologized.
Actually, he acted as though he was very sorry about this.
The bad man still drugged Sara’s father and Brownie on the day of the race. Both of them had a bad fall and Sara’s father was killed.
Sara felt very lost and dejected. 

Then, she remembered her father’s words- “It’s when things seem worse that we mustn’t quit.

Sara’s optimism always made her hopeful.

Sara complained about the Manager and the police nabbed him after finding the evidence of messy monetary transactions from certain clients.

Sara took the help of the topmost vet to nurse Brownie back to health. Brownie was her life’s meaning now. Like always she talked to Brownie.

Sara told Brownie, “The next race is a month away. This time I’ll be the jockey. You get well soon, dear Brownie.”

“Neigh! Neigh!” Brownie jumped up!

Sara had tears of happiness as she hugged Brownie.
“Yes, my dear! You first become healthy and then we will win!”

“Neigh! Neigh!” Brownie continued the conversation.
Sara interpreted it as- “Look up!
Sara was filled with optimism and hope for the future.

“Lots of people talk to animals. Not many listen, though. That’s the problem.”
Benjamin Hoff


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  1. Anita, my sister has always had a kinship with horses. I am sending her this link so she will read your story. It's so filled with the loving kindness that comes with the bond between people and animals. This is a sad story, but it affirms life at the end. Love how Brownie seemed to channel her father and good memories. Really nicely done! Amy

  2. Great piece - and tough people that line!

  3. I can so very relate to the story, Its when people say its over, you look up and, its just the beginning of a new era

  4. Great story, Anita. I like the idea that Sara and the horse can relate. But did they win the race??

  5. a beautiful story about the love of an animal

  6. As my daughter says mushkil wakt commando sakth! Even though it was tough

  7. Great story. Touching and conveys a message. :)

  8. It's the tough ones who last lone...very pertinent message

  9. Nice story. Animals share a beautiful, selfless bond with humans.

  10. A heartwarming story with an important message. Not only should one learn to always 'look up' in life, come what may, but compassion towards animals is a beautiful way of life.

  11. Thats such a touching and really positive story soul sis loved it :)

  12. "Tough times don't last, tough people do." Great post with realistic message and inspirational quotes :)

  13. Being a fan of Dick Francis, I love horse stories :)

  14. Beautiful story Anita! So touching, yet giving a positive message!

  15. I always love the message behind your story... :) Beautiful yet heart warming... :)

  16. What a wonderful story. I think that animals will communicate with us in their way. We just need to pay attention like Sara did. Thank you for adding your story to. In Other Words.

  17. I really liked this story, Anita! What a great lesson about persevering in hard times, listening to what animals are trying to communicate, and always looking up, having hope!

  18. I was moved like everyone might have, while reading the story... It feels good when the ending is good, but, the first part will remain in hearts for long time. It is the ugliest and weakest thing someone can do to bring their competitors down mischievously. Glad you have punished the culprit... 'Satyameva Jayate' is what everyone wishes and hopes. Wondering if it would be the same for a cunning person?

  19. Just loved your story. Truly wonderful.


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