Friday 20 March 2015

Pakhala Dibasa #PakhalaDibasa

Pakhala (In Odia language- ପଖାଳ) is an Odia term for a rice dish in the state of Odisha in India.
As per the Wikipedia:
"The term Pakhaḷa is derived from Pali word Pakhaḷiba as well as Sanskrit word Prakshāḷaṇa which means washed/to wash and it is made by cooling the rice by adding water and keeping the cooked rice in water and curd. The word Pakhaḷa was used in the poems of Arjuna Das in his literary work Kaḷpalata (1520-1530 AD)"
Cooked rice is immersed in water & fermented. The liquid portion is called Torani. There are many variations of Pakhala. It is had with other dishes.
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The taste is enhanced by adding salt & green chillies along with any seasoning or additional items one wishes- lemon, curd, mint-leaves, coriander-leaves, cumin, ginger...
One can make a mixture of some of the above ingredients as per wish and have a unique dish!

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Pakhala is special as it is the ideal food for the Summer season.

Pakhala tastes great with the typical Odia dishes like-
Alu Bharta (Mashed Potato),
Baigana/Tomato Poda (Smoked Brinjal/Tomato),
Badhi Chura (Ground Badhi),
Machha/Chingudi Bhaja (Fish/Prawn fry),
Sukhua Bhaja (Dried Fish fry)
Aamba Khatta (Mango Chutney),
Panasa Kassa (Jackfruit preparation)
Aachara (Pickles),
Alu Bhaja (Potato finger-chips), 
Potala Bhaja/Rasa (Pointed Gourd preparation),
Kalara Bhaja (Bitter Gourd fry)
Saaga Bhaja... the list can go on!

In fact, Pakhala tastes awesome with everything!
Check out the dishes belonging to Odisha here- Cuisine Of Odisha.
March 20th is celebrated by Odias worldwide as #PakhalaDibasa.
Dibasa means a day of celebration.
March 20th was chosen as the date as it's the Equinox- March 20-21st is the Spring Equinox when the length of the day is equal to the night.
After this date, the days get longer and there's the onset of summer.
Pakhala is a cool dish to beat the heat!

Happy #PakhalaDibasa to all! Enjoy the dish!

March 20th is also celebrated as the International day of Happiness! 
Have Pakhala & be happy!

Apart from food, I also love our cultural music & dance.
Here's a video you can watch:
Thanks for the reference, Ranjan Nayak!

Check out some more info about #PakhalaDibasa in the EOdisha site.

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  1. Nicely Explained In Pali & Sanskrit The Term PakhAlibA or PrakshAlana is More Appropriate For Rice Cooked In Clay Handi In Modern Days We Call it Using Eco Friendly Clay Utensils What Our Ancestors Used To Do

  2. Anita, so enjoy your native dishes and pictures. Thanks for sharing today!

  3. We have a variant in Tamilnad .We call it Bakaala baath served on auspicious occasions like weddings..This is cooked rice mixed in curd and seasoned with pieces of green chillies,curry leaves,mango or pomegranate,raisins and sesame.The side dishes in Odisha are several and seem mouthwatering.

  4. Food looks great , nice ,short info about cuisine of Odisha :)

  5. Mouthwatering pictures now I am hungry!

  6. Happy Pakhala Dibasa. What better way to celebrate than the food relished to make the heart content and strengthen human bond:)

  7. Beautiful food ... lovely festive spirit :-)

  8. Does it taste a bit like idli? I mean, rice and fermented gives an impression. Happy Pakhala Dibasa to you and your family.

  9. It looks like palanjoru (a day old rice soaked in water n lil curd which is good for summer heat). delicious menu. happy times, Anita :)

  10. Love the sight of green banana leaf and those plates ! Also nice learning some new names of the dishes here...Happy Pakhala Dibasa Anita :)

  11. Sounds like a great dish to try :) Happy summer, Anita! Stay cool.

  12. Fermenting rice??? Totally new concept to me! How many hours of fermenting is required? Incredible India is incredible in food too! Amazing to know! Glad you shared this post, Anita :)

    Belated Pakhala-Dibasa wishes :) Hope you had a great time!


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