Monday 16 March 2015


“A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadier’s house.”

It was the Brigadier! He succumbed to injuries and died.

The Brigadier had three sons.

His eldest son said that their father had committed suicide.

The second son also sided with his elder brother. They both seemed giddy.

The youngest was sure that it was murder.

In the absence of a will, the two older sons passed lewd remarks and conspired to divide the property.

It was decided that the eldest son would get the Brigadier's palatial home.
2015-03-16 - BW Beacham
Photo Prompt: Mondays Finish The Story

The second son would get the posh city apartment-building, the Brigadier owned, in York.
Photo Prompt: Tess Kincaid; Petergate, with a view of York Minster, York, UK
While the youngest would get the plot of land, the Brigadier owned, near the jungle.

Frost on a stump. Sandra Crook.
Photo Prompt © Sandra Crook
The youngest son knew that his two elder brothers considered themselves to be King & Jack respectively in a pack of playing-cards, while they mocked him as the Joker. There was no justice...
Needless to say, it was an unfair division of property...

But, the game of life had other plans.

That plot of land had rich Uranium deposits.

The Joker laughed all the way to the bank to deposit his multi-millions!

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  1. I loved your story Anita and how you wove in the photos from other challenges! Thank you for participating again in the MFtS challenge! I hope that you return next week! Be well... ^..^

  2. I'm impressed! You took care of three stories in one story. Loved the story and the takes on your prompts.

  3. That's superbb!!! You never fail to give justice to good characters and that's what I like the most in your fictions :)
    TC dear... Keep smiling :)

  4. A clever usage of three words to churn a good story.

  5. Beautifully weaved. The story is mind-blowing and teaches us a lot. We eventually get caught in the face of greed.

  6. Isn't life full of surprises, few much needed at right time? :) Beautifully weaved Anita :) Simple and yet delivering a profound meaning as always :)

  7. Well done Anita, the meek shall inherit the earth.

  8. Many prompts in one! It was such an interesting read :D

  9. A very clever response to a trio of prompts ~ Very well written :)

  10. Small yet so clever Anita. Destiny favors the right folks sometimes
    good one

  11. very clever :P .. good one btw :)

  12. Are you familiar with the term, O Henry ending?
    Well, yours had one, and a good one too.

  13. You are a great storyteller, Anita!
    Wil ABCW

  14. A Deathly Hallows with a happy ending !

  15. a very clever story.. big likes :)

  16. a nice post and you did kill many birds with one post

  17. Well, justice was served in a way. Well done, Anita. :) --- Suzanne

  18. Awesome ending. Finally justice is served. Karma, as they say.


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