Wednesday 18 March 2015

Lost Lamp

He cleared the IAS Exam, one of the toughest on Earth.
Did his job with dedication & proved his worth.
What did he get in return? Transfers & now death.
The system has failed him and stopped his breath...

He was planning raids on big developers of real estate,
Politicians & illegal transactions- he was to investigate.
They took the easy way & decided to silence & eliminate.
The honest earn brickbats & have death in their fate?

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That officers should fall in line & obey them- is their desire.
The honest ones, who don't confirm, are in the line of fire.
No recognition for a job well done, no one to congratulate.
DK Ravi faced consequences dire & earned such a fate!

The honest and skilled are rewarded- getting killed.
Elected representatives have no guilt; are thrilled?
During his death discussion in Karnataka Assembly,
MLAs yawned and enjoyed their siesta happily...
Who are they trying to fool by claiming it's suicide?
We demand a CBI inquiry- impartial & bonafide. 
If our system fails the innocent, what's the incentive-
System must turn over a new leaf; want a change massive.

He was a lamp; They turned off the light like child's play.
Can we ensure hundreds of lamps shine & show the way?
May everyone take a leaf out of the book of honest people's lives...
Is it too much to ensure that duty & truth win & honesty thrives?

Note- Request you to sign THIS PETITION demanding CBI INQUIRY & justice for DK Ravi.

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  1. so funny that anyone is thinking that its suicide.. hope the truth will come out and the culprits punished. But, the loss is ours. We lost an honest IAS officer.

  2. Very well written....such a sad our country there is no respect for the honest. Only cheats, frauds, liars, corrupt ppl r well rewarded. SHAME.

  3. It is sad to see corruption rife in so many countries with so much pressure to stifle criticism that lives are being lost. This unfortunately is happening throughout the world and the average person can only look on with horror. It is so important that matters such as this are given a voice.

  4. Powerful words; obviously it's not a suicide. But you know what, Anita. Even this will be brushed under the carpet, like everything else. But yes, signing the petition is the least we can do for this honest man.

  5. It's tragic, and obviously not suicide. Hope the truth is revealed on further investigations.

  6. nicely penned down with an impact!

  7. Thats so gross. Thanks for highlighting this news on ur blog.. m shocked!!

  8. it is very hard for good people to survive .. Sad sad


  9. So many unjust things happening in the world.

  10. Very well written. It's so tragic. This world is becoming a hell for good and honest people.

  11. A great tribute to him. Brilliant job, Anita. As far as CBI inquiry is concerned, do you think that impartial CBI inquiry possible in today's time?

  12. Great lines in honour of a sincere officer who had such a bright future ahead of him. I hope we have the truth, soon. (I'm still hopeful. )

  13. A well written and compelling statement on behalf of DK Ravi! I do not know the whole story behind it, but corruption is corruption and we have it here in this country too. Those who dare to speak out against the wealthy and powerful are often silenced. But we know right from wrong, and we all need to stand together for what is right, that it the only way things can change.

  14. Such honest and particularly courageous officers are extremely rare and hard to my heart goes out for his family,I hope the truth would finally come out of the investigations.

  15. Read in the news, and was shocked.

    I agree life is not fair esp to those who want to turn things around for the good!
    I wish his soul rests in peace and yes, will sign the petition.

    Thanks for linking Anita with an imp message!

  16. so many unjust things are happening in this world. But most of the contribution in this field is from political guys and here in our nation politics is being super power , so we and you cries for justice for a day or two and after it everybody forget it

  17. Your posts are always awakening.
    Anita, we have nominated you for awards

  18. its a shame....and it hurts sometimes that we live in a system like that with our eyes closed and hands cut completely helpless. it raises fierce anger in me soul-sis.

  19. Anita, thank you for your wonderful words and for linking in to my blog!

  20. Great tribute to a humble man. Its the death of truth and honesty. Justice has committed suicide and no inquiry or investigation would bring back a good patriot. Sincere condolences to his family.

  21. What else can we expect from corrupt Indian govt ? DK Ravi was man of honor ! And I am signing up for the petition immediately. Your post is an eye opener dear...thank you for sharing this ...

  22. Very beautifully penned down. Has a lot of impact to project! :)
    --> Maitreni

  23. nice tribute :) .. sad for country though :(

  24. Such a sorry state of affairs in our country.

  25. Touching tribute! Anita.
    Death is the certificate given to all the honest countrymen in this Cruel World! How sad!

  26. It fills all of us with anger. World is cruel to men like him.

    Moving tribute.

  27. The last line is so powerful.
    Indeed the honest suffer the most!

  28. That was one of the saddest day! This is not the first case in Karnataka after the new elected government came to power. Even after creating roumors of love affair, people still didn't get back from demanding justice for Ravi. Government has finally agreed to hand the case over to CBI... Hope the lost lamp gets justice...

    Bad people try to shake the hope in the common people. But, there is a limit to the patience of common man and he stands out definitely! I am touched by the love of common people to Ravi... I salute his great soul!


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