Sunday 30 November 2014

The Match-Fixing

Raja was on his way home, returning from his overseas assignment after a year.

His parents were eagerly waiting at the airport to receive him. They immediately set off to a girl’s place for match-making.

“Her name is Rani! Your names & horoscopes match perfectly! This is a match made in heaven!” Raja’s mom said. 

His younger sister, Rosy, didn’t look convinced. “Mom, we should have taken Bhai home. At least he should have been clean-shaven before seeing Rani.”

“We can’t lose the auspicious time for fixing the alliance and the first meeting between boy and girl!” their father said.

Raja said, “This is the first scene in the Hindi Movie- Holiday- when the hero is taken for match-making the moment he reaches the station! Did you watch the movie and get inspired by his parents? Real-life is imitating reel-life now!”

Rosy added, “Don’t forget- The hero rejects the heroine in the first meeting in that movie. I guess the reverse will be true in your case, Bhai!”

Their Mom said, “Rosy! Speak positive!”

Rosy continued, “How can you be so careless, Bhai? Don’t you remember that facial-hair has cost you dearly in the past? It was responsible for the rejection of your US Visa…” 

That memory was still fresh. Those were the days post 9/11 terror-attack.  Raja had applied for his first International Visa. His company had deputed him to attend a prestigious conference. Raja had been busy with work and had allowed moustache & beard to grow. 
During his Visa-interview, they were not tolerant. They rejected his application as his photographs didn’t match his real face… Raja had tried to explain, but they were strict. He lost an opportunity as he wasn't clean-shaven… Another colleague visited USA in his place. As his Visa was rejected, Raja had to face distrust & struggled to get his subsequent Visa cleared… 

Raja hated rejection… 

When they reached Rani’s place & Raja saw her, he fell in love at first sight.
The song from the Hindi movie- Akele Hum Akele Tum played on his mind- ‘Raja ko Rani se pyaar ho gaya; Pehli nazar mein pehla pyaar ho gaya’ (Raja fell in love with Rani; First love at first sight.)

Rani looked so pretty in that pink Saree that he wanted to make a favorable first impression! He was hopeful that Rosy’s words won’t come true…

He didn’t want Rani to reject him especially as he saw all the males in her family were clean-shaven.

Raja- King in Hindi
Rani- Queen in Hindi
Bhai- Brother in Hindi
What happens next? Does Rani reject Raja?

To learn, read my next post- Clean Bowled

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  1. That is an amazing post Anita. You are no doubt the most ardent bollwood fan. Loved the storyline. Thank you for accepting my tag.

    1. Thanks Preethi :) Great compliment for a Bollywood fan like me :)
      My pleasure!
      Best wishes :)

    2. Anita, I accepted your tag here
      All the best for the contest.

    3. Thanks for accepting my tag, Preethi.
      I loved your sweet story with the happy ending :)
      Best wishes to you too!

  2. Bolly - fan Anita has wielded her magic wand yet again...
    Well done! :)

    1. Thanks for your appreciation, Poonam :)
      Glad you liked it!

  3. First part of the story is interesting as well! Best part is that you have not just given random reasons but connected story to the facts... One of the best story among those with the same theme. Well done dear!

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words, Sindhu :)
      Delighted that you liked it.


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