Monday 17 November 2014

The Little Santa

Little Mili excitedly came from school.
“Mom guess what? Remember the Story-writing competition I had taken part? I won the first prize- Rs 500!” 

“That’s wonderful, dear! How do you plan to spend it?” her Mom asked.

“Tomorrow is Children’s Day. I wish to buy some Parle G biscuit-packets, Note-Copies, Nataraj Pencils & Erasers and distribute amongst the slum children,” said Mili.

Her Mom had tears in her eyes as she hugged Mili.

It was that Special Children's Day programme on Doordarshan that they had together watched a few days ago that had highlighted to the young impressionable mind of Mili how needy some kids are… Many don’t have access to even basic facilities and requirements like Roti, Kapda, Makaan (Food, Clothes, House) leave alone school or education. That day Mili had asked her Mom how they can help the children. 

Her Mom had said, “Everyone must do whatever they can to help.
Devoting 2-3 hours in the free-time in the weekend to teach children will help them for their education.
Treating them to good quality food and gifting them books, toys, clothes etc. will be good too.”

That day, Mili had resolved that she’ll help poor children.
“God has been kind. I have been praying to Him to make me strong & powerful enough to help the less fortunate. And look Mom! He answered my prayers so soon! He gifted me so that I can help!” Mili said admiring the crisp note in her hand. 

When her dad came from office, he was very proud to learn of his daughter’s achievement and how she wished to spend.
He said, “I add another Rs 500 from your Mom & my side. So, now you have Rs 1000 to spend for the noble cause!”

Mili and her parents bought all the items in her wish-list. 
The next day, Mili felt like Santa Claus as she distributed the items amongst the slum-kids. 

She earned great happiness seeing the happy and grateful faces.

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  1. That was a lovely gesture through this post, Anita!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring story!

  3. Absolutely correct Anita. Thanks for sharing this story, I am actually trying that my little angel should also have such feelings. 2 months back on her second birthday we took her to distribute Halwa among slum kids and you know what she thoroughly enjoyed it...

    1. Thanks for reading & for sharing your lovely words, Alok.
      Great that you are imbibing such values in your angel. Kudos.
      I am sure she will be kind and helpful like her parents :)

  4. I feel something opposite. I mean to say , in this world , each and everyone wants to do good work , he/she never want to heart anyone , he always wants to help others but the scenario of this world makes him cruel , makes him insincere in this regard . He learn all the things here in this world and many things depends on us , what kind of values we are giving to our children. My English is not good , Anita , but I try to say something.

    1. Thanks for sharing your words, Yogi :)
      The aim of language is communication & I appreciate that you took time to share.
      I understand your concerns.
      My father always quotes the ANYWAY poem & says- "Do good anyway!"
      Let us do all the good we can.

  5. Beautiful Anita :)
    I myself will write for it soon. It's a good thing and I see you have written so many posts already. Good to be around people like you :)

    1. Thanks Anmol :)
      That's great to know. Looking forward to read your post!
      I am grateful for the good company :)

  6. Touching tale and may it inspire more

  7. Nice article. I agree Sanat is a state of mind. We can be Santa any time of the year, if we are broad minded.

    1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful words, Abhijitji.
      Totally agree. May we all be Santa and usher happiness :)

  8. Such a sweet post dear ,
    How I wish all of us had a heart like the lil girl Mili ^_^ :)

    1. Glad you liked it :)
      Truly we all need kind & compassionate hearts :)

  9. Mili's Mom taught her child really something excellent - To help the underprivileged, specially when you are privileged. Nice soul filling story.

    1. Thanks for your maiden visit & comment here, Amitabha.
      Appreciate the wonderful words you have shared :)

  10. You come up with such innovative ideas Anita... Enjoyed reading your post.... And great work in helping out with the mid day meal programme

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Ryan :)
      Same to you! Great to be a part of this mid-day meals programme.

  11. A noble thought gesture and post! :)

  12. It is a good beginning-teaching children the value of service and sacrifice.

    1. True Induji. May more children learn & help.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  13. here's to many Mili's of the world and their little santa like hearts :)


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