Sunday 30 November 2014

Clean Bowled

[Continued from- The Match-Fixing]

(Story so far-
Facial-hair-sporting Raja has gone to Rani’s place with his family to “see” her and for suitable marriage alliance or match-fixing.)

Rani’s dog started barking seeing Raja. Also, Rani’s brother’s new-born twins started crying seeing Raja. 
It was embarrassing as Rani’s father explained, “They are used to clean-shaven people!”

When Raja and Rani were left alone in a room and were given a chance to talk, there was an eerie silence.  

Raja broke the ice and asked Rani to say something. Rani said, “Stubble reminds me of death in the family. I’m afraid I can’t marry you and then be constantly reminded of death everytime I see your face with the facial-hair…”

Raja knew of the Odia customs and death in his family was observed in the same way. After a death, men don't shave. On the 10th day of the death, a barber shaves the menfolk and then everyone takes bath and wears white clothes to perform the required sacred rites in honor of the departed soul.
Bond of Union, 1956, by M. C. Escher ; Pic used with permission from Magpie Tales

“Rani can’t reject me because of my stubble! Did our first conversation have to be so serious revolving around death & my stubble?” Raja thought alarmed. 
Rani shook her head saying, “Look! It’s your life! I can’t force you to be or do what you don’t like. But, then, I have likes and dislikes too. My Mr.Right is clean-shaven even in my dream!”

So saying, Rani stood up and approached the door.
Raja felt as if his life was going away from him.

“Listen Rani!” In his effort to stop her, he tugged at the edge of her Saree!
Rani looked shocked.

Raja quickly dropped her Saree’s edge and said, “I apologize…If you could just sit for a little while… Let me explain…

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s love at first sight. I really want to marry you. Please note that I do allow the stubble to grow at times, but usually I’m clean-shaven.
The stubble & moustache you see now is because this is the month of November & I am supporting the No Shave November & Movember cause and have joined Celebs and common people to raise awareness of men’s health issues such as cancer detection, diagnosis & effective treatments. Hope you understand. Tomorrow is December 1st. I promise I’ll use my Gillette Razor and you’ll find me clean-shaven…”

Rani appreciated Raja’s honesty. She smiled. 
Raja remembered a Hindi Movie's title- ‘Hasee To Phasee’ (If she smiles, she’s trapped)

The next day, Raja sent his Selfie- clean-shaven face with a charming smile to Rani’s smartphone & bowled the maiden over! 

Rani had found her Mr.Right – yes the same person whom she saw in her dreams!

Note- Odia- Belonging to the state of Odisha, india

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  1. Such an interesting story of a cultural issue of marriage. Very unusual. I also like clean-shaven, but my husband wears a mustache. It was not a deal breaker for me! ;-)

    1. Thanks for reading, Linda :)
      There are some unique customs associated with death worldwide.
      Even I prefer my hubby to be clean-shaven :)
      Some people have strong likes & dislikes & reasons to support the same!

  2. A nice post, Anita :)
    I tag you here:

    1. Thanks Aayesha :)
      I'm afraid I cannot accept your tag as I have already received more than 3 tags and written & submitted 3 posts.

  3. Personally I don't really like guys with beards. My husband has always had a mustache and I can't imagine him without it.

    1. I feel it's a matter of personal choice, Kathy :)
      Personally I prefer clean-shaven, though hubby is entitled to his own choice :)

  4. An amusing twist to the prompt picture! Well spun Anita!

  5. Hi Anita,

    Thank you so much for the accepting the tag. The story is really good. Glad Rani found her Mr. Right! I will accept your tag when I write my third post :)

    Someone is Special

    1. Thanks for your appreciation & for accepting my tag, Sarav.
      I look forward to your post :)

  6. Raja felt as if his life was going away from him."
    You had me with this line !

  7. Facial hair is such a funny thing and does a lot to form our image of a person. For example, my Dad always had a mustache - I never knew him without one and when I saw a photo of him in high school, it was bizarre. I've never known my husband with a clean-shaven face - he sports a beard. I think much is about how we get to know a person.
    Enjoyed your story!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!
      I appreciate your words. Indeed! Facial hair forms our image of a person.
      Glad you liked my story :)

  8. This was a wonderfully fun read, Anita, and it shows how important first impressions are, but that we need to look beneath the surface to the heart. Rani saw only Raja's stubble face, and was unable to see that he was handsome beneath that. My husband wears a bear all the time, and would look very strange to me without it. I like it! But that is not the current trend with younger people. He is also not trimming his beard this month for No-shave awareness, so now he looks like Santa Claus! Usually he keeps his beard trimmed short. :-)

    1. True Josie. First impressions never reveal the true person :)
      Yes, here Raja is indeed a nice human-being.
      Handsome is the man who handsome does :)
      So nice that your husband had joined the cause too.
      Thank you so much for sharing your sweet words :)

  9. Nice story Anita, Rani understood the reason behind it, hopes she allows Raja for similar movement in future too :))

    1. Thanks for your appreciation, MeenalSonal :)
      Yes, really hope so :D

  10. The fashion for beards certainly comes in and out of fashion in the western world. I was amazed to see me sprouting a mustache and whiskers in a 1980's photo. However going back a few years further I was clean shaven for my wedding as I am still now. A he was supporting such a worthy cause he of course is forgiven! A fun read.

    1. So true! Yes, they are driven by fashion. Thanks for sharing :)
      Nice that he was forgiven for the worthy cause.
      Thanks for your appreciation :)

  11. A different one! Superb! Great job Anita :)
    I will not lie, I had thought of skipping this post in the beginning. When I scrolled down to click the older post, the comments flashed effortlessly... Then I scrolled to top and read it, it didn't disappoint me!
    TC! Keep smiling :)


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