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India has ‘Unity in Diversity’. From centuries, India has been open in welcoming outside elements & change, assimilating their culture & enriching its cultural diversity. 

Now, the whole world is in the same process. 

In her book ‘World Class: Thriving at home in the Global Economy’, Rosabeth Moss Canter, a Harvard Business School Professor, writes that cultural diversity is an asset. The key to turning access to cultural diversity into an asset is Intercultural Communication Competence (ICC). Without eliminating differences, ICC helps deal with clashing cultures.

Indian connection proves that the world is more Indian than we think.
People from all over the world come seeking for answers and get enriched by India’s wealth of wisdom.

In mid-1974, a young Steve Jobs, Apple’s ex-CEO, had travelled to India with his friends in search of spiritual enlightenment. They toured extensively in India. There was a transformation in their personality because of the time they spent here. 

Many ‘foreigners’ visit India as they are spiritually drawn & adopt India as their home. They learn and contribute. Sadhus & Sadhvis of ISKCON & those who stay by the banks of the river Ganga etc. are more Indian than we think.

Italy-born Ileana Citaristi, is now an Odissi & Chhau dancer, based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha since 1979. In 2006, she became the first dancer of foreign origin to be conferred the Padma Shri Award for her contributions to Odissi dance. Ileana is more Indian than we think.

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Odissi Dance of Odisha, India; Source

My brother-in-law, a Professor of the Berhampur University, Odisha, shared with me that Professor Julia Slingo of the University of Reading, UK, is more Indian than we think. She knows more about Indian-Monsoon-forecasting than he and many fellow-Indian Meteorologists do. She invited him for an Indian lunch & took his help to enthusiastically prepare Chicken-curry, Rajma (Red-kidney beans) & Dalma (Odia dish made of Dal & vegetables).

A recent Indian TV-Reality show was- Cinestars Ki Khoj (Quest for Cinestars). A pretty lady from Ajerbaijan has won the show! She is more Indian (Cinestar material) than we think. This show was judged by many top people from the Hindi film-industry and also voted by the Indian audience. 

The moral is some are indeed more Indian than we think.
Experience the magic before passing the judgment in a blink!

When my Uncle visited the USSR in the late 70s & the early 80s, and the Russians learnt of his Indian identity, he was greeted by “Namaste” and with Indian movie-songs like- “Awara Hoon” (Raj Kapoor’s movie- Awara) Yes, they sang the songs & on-lookers joined in as chorus!
My Uncle thought, “They are more Indian than I think” and joined in the happy celebration too! 

The case of ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara To Sur Bane Hamara’.
It means- When my tune/song unites with your tune/song, then the tune/song becomes ours’.

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Devotees at Russia celebrating Rath Yatra Festival of India; Source

Embedded image permalink
Devotees at Russia celebrating Rath Yatra Festival of India; Source


In the Hindi movie- Kuch Kuch Hota Hai:

Raj (SRK) asks the mini-skirt & short-dress-wearing-foreign-returned Tina (Rani Mukherjee) to sing a Bhajan during a ragging-session. She turns out to be more Indian than he thinks as she soulfully sings ‘Om Jai Jagdish Hare’ and surprises him. He marries her.
In the same movie, Raj’s previous “best-friend”, shapeless-clothes-and-boys-cut-hairstyle-sporting-tomboy, Anjali (Kajol) has a metamorphosis into a graceful-Indian-woman who has long hair & wears Chiffon Sarees. After Tina’s death, when Raj meets Anjali, she’s more Indian than he thinks. They love one another and marry.

In the Hindi movie- Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge:

After Simran (Kajol) has had a wet, wild & drunken-night, Raj (SRK) changes her clothes. As both of them have been brought up in the UK, the viewer might expect them to have ‘less’ Indian values. But, they both are more Indian than we think. In the morning when she suspects the worst, Raj confides that he understands the value of virginity and character for an Indian woman. He is more Indian than she thinks. Raj also realizes that Simran is more Indian than he thinks. Needless to say, they fall in love.

Later, to win her hand in marriage, he reaches her village in India (where her dad is forcibly getting her married to his friend’s son) & turns down her mom’s offer to run away with Simran to get married and waits till her dad willingly agrees to their marriage. He even keeps a fast for his ladylove on KarvaChauth- a festival in which Indian women keep a fast for their husbands’ long life and prosperity; they break the fast only after sighting the moon and their husband’s face. Raj is not even Simran’s fiancĂ© or spouse; he loves her so much that he suo-motto fasts for Simran – a fact that Simran even doesn’t know. She feels he has eaten and has no concern for her first fast. Simran is surprised when her sister informs her that even Raj is fasting… Raj is more Indian than she thinks. Together they feed one another and break the fast on the terrace… 


More Indian than you think is the world today.
Globalization, technology, communication…hold sway.

While greeting, we don't shake hands anymore.
Unlike handshakes, Namaste is germ-free & gets higher score!

Friends around the world practice Yoga & use India’s knowledge-
Ayurvedic products & traditional medicines give us an edge.

India has gifted spirituality to the world & is an inspiration.
India is the spiritual home of many & is an aspiration.

The Vedas, Upanishads, richness of ancient & modern literature,
The Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Gita... lessons pure.

I love when my friends of different religions and nationalities,
Come together to celebrate festivals from the land of peace.

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Devotees from Peru & Colombia at Rath Yatra, Puri, Odisha, India; Source

The world loves the fireworks on Diwali & coloured faces on Holi!
We love celebrating together with sweets & to create Rangoli!

On streets we wish Eid Mubarak, Merry Christmas, Happy Baisakhi…
We uphold India’s spirit of tolerance & inclusion- infinite capacity…

Traditional Indian sweets like Jalebi, Rasagulla, Rabdi & Barfi;
Darjeeling Tea, Basmati rice, Samosa, Dahiwada, Dosa, Idli...

Whether Chicken Tikka Masala Curry, Biryani or Bhelpuri,
Indian cuisine adapts and appeals to all taste-buds with glory!

Classical Dances, arts & crafts are at a great height!
Indian Fashion rocks! Salwar-Kurtas & Sarees make a pretty sight.

The largest number of Engineers is India's contribution.
Not to mention everything Indian that's a part of fusion!

What would the world do without Trigonometry & zero?
Or no Bollywood songs playing in night-clubs/Disco…?

Friends around the world are crazy fans & love Indian Movies,
RajniKant, Amitabh Bachchan... make everyone say cheese!

One friend has even planned her Wedding at a temple- Indian-style!
All are looking forward to visit India, sing, dance, celebrate & smile!

India blends everywhere & the world thirsts & wants more.
Of every philosophy Indian spirit & values form the core!

People, from different nationalities, respect India from their heart.
Incredible India adds to the world’s richness playing a valuable part.

Yes, many around the world are more Indian than you think.
Open your eyes, see with your heart & mind & this reality will sync...

Note- Pics used with permission.

For an IndiBlogger Contest.

Also, linking this with ABC Wednesday- R For Real, Reel & Rhyme.

Also, R is for RATH YATRA. 
For more info & pics, check out the following two posts:
Rath Yatra is a Festival of Puri, Odisha, India.
Rath Yatra is celebrated all over the world.

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  1. Happy Diwali :)
    Great article !

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      Diwali wishes for you & your family too :)

  3. Anita, after reading this , it certainly feels the world is more indina that we think, the rath yatrs in Russia was something that i had not idea about

    1. Indeed Disha!
      There's a lot that we are yet to know. We have so much to learn...
      Rath Yatra is celebrated all over the world. Do check out my posts given in the links above.

  4. Wish you very very HAPPY DIWALI

    1. Welcome to my Blog :)
      Best wishes to you too.

  5. You include Bollywood in all your posts :P

    The Russian yatra looks interesting!

    Happy Diwali!

    1. As I'm such a BIG fan, Bollywood movies creep in :)
      Yes, Rath Yatra celebrations around the world are interesting :)
      Diwali wishes for you too!

  6. Trust me, you are flying to Germany for this post! :D

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  10. Yay bollywood is back! I so missed such posts of yours :)

    1. I have written a couple of posts with Bollywood examples.
      Pl do check out the Movies tab in my Blog, Soumya!
      Wouldn't like you to miss them :)

  11. Wonderful post! Just realized the world is so much more Indian than we actually think it is

    Random Thoughts Naba..India Ubiquitous...

  12. Very nice post. Proud. Our Indian culture is also becoming famous.

    1. Welcome to my Blog, Anusia :)
      Thanks for sharing. Indian culture is world-famous :)

  13. Wonderful article filled with lots of 'wow' information :) Nicely penned Anita :) May you win the contest :)
    TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. Thanks Sindhu for your nice words & wish :)
      Keep Smiling :)

  14. That's a gorgeous picture! I love the fabric and colors. It is comforting to know that we do not have to give up our own unique cultural identity in order to be 'one of the group'. Diversity makes us stronger.

    1. You are referring to the Odisssi Dance or Rath Yatra Puri pic, LuAnn? I love all the pics!
      Odissi dancers are dressed in the bright, pretty, world-famous Silk Sarees from Odisha.
      You must visit Odisha India soon :)

      I agree with you- Diversity makes us stronger.
      May we all respect all religions & cultures...

  15. Finely crafted Anita... I see a flight ticket of Germany on your platter ;-)

    1. Thanks for such generous appreciation, Anunoy! Touched :)

  16. Thanks Ash :) Delighted that this post appealed to you!
    Even I share your views. May every country & person earn the rightful respect/due.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Great creative writing!
    Very thoughtful too!!
    All the best, Anita:)

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  18. Very creatively penned. I enjoyed the Bollywood references. Good luck, Anita.

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  19. I loved how you have shaped your post in a creative manner! Especially the highlight on bollywood -- I remember when I went to Melbourne, I saw Taare Zameen Par being screened in one of their festivals. Really, Bollywood has taken the whole world by storm! All the best, Anita!! Here's more power to you! :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your nice words & wishes, Arti!
      Lovely to hear from you!
      Best wishes to you too :)

  20. I was not aware of Steve Jobs fact. Our country is so rich and diverse that there is a learning for everyone that comes here. A beautiful post.

    Good luck!

    1. Yes indeed, Saru.
      Our incredible India never fails to amaze! :)

      Thanks a lot :)

  21. Excellent post on the theme.
    All the best!

  22. I liked the Bollywood concept in ur post! We often surprise others when we are more Indian than they think! :)

    1. Thanks for your appreciation, Amrita!
      May we all be more Indian & surprise the world :)

  23. As Always I too love the Hindi movie effect in your posts as I am a big movie Buff :) Loved every inch of your post the reel, the real and the rhyming part :)
    And Of-course I Agree :)

    1. Thanks Kokila for your nice words :)
      Delighted that you loved my post!

  24. Best of luck for the contest! A creative post:)


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