Wednesday 29 October 2014

Be Indian

Being a proud Indian, I support using Indian products.
I too believe in the "Be Indian, Buy Indian, Use Indian, Wear Indian" concept.
We need to uphold our sense of nationalism & flaunt Indian clothes with pride & style.When foreigners visit our India, they should get a feel of our "national costumes".

Sad that most of our youngsters are casually dressed in western-wear & do not wear Indian-clothes most of the time...

It's also true that many are more Indian than we think. Here are some examples - REAL, REEL & RHYME.

The following are some of my ideas how to share the "Be Indian" message-

1. Most important- We all need to SHARE such relevant inspirational "Be Indian" messages with everyone and with all our friends, families & groups via all means- face-to-face, telephonic, email, WhatsApp & social-media sites like FB & Twitter.
We forward jokes & so many messages usually. We need to treat India sensitively & promote the "Be Indian" message sincerely.
We can forward our Selfies in our Indian clothes.
We can also share posters with "Be Indian" messages at local clubs, Gyms, community-halls, shops etc.- all the places where people usually gather. Such messages will inspire all.

2. We must use Indian products & must wear Indian brands. 
During the freedom struggle, we boycotted all foreign goods...
We Indians must support everything Indian & not run after "foreign" goods...

Mahatma Gandhi had said- "Be the change you want to see in the world."
Change begins with you & me!
Let us dress up as responsible citizens & inspire all to "Be Indian".
Gandhiji started the Khadi movement to instil this sense.

3. Key is INNOVATION, Positivity, Enthusiasm & Confidence.
Hum Honge Kaamyaab! - We will succeed.
We can wear Kurta/Kurtis/clothes with patriotic messages, symbols or prints - that uniquely identify the states & their treasured arts & crafts. Support our nation by adopting such innovative products & "Be Indian".
Fashion Designers can come up with new designs using traditional handlooms, embroidery etc. for the general public.

4. Our  conscious purchase-decision & support to Indian goods can make India stronger & "Be Indian" message louder...
If we all purchase Indian items/products/brands, our country's economy will prosper.
Let us make conscious choices and pick stuff that belongs to & is "MADE IN INDIA."
For example, have Indian snacks/foods like Bhelpuri/Dosa/Idli /Bhelpuri & not Burger/Fries/Chips etc.
Don't go for Cold-drinks like Colas, rather adopt Lemon juice, Lassi, Fruit juice, butter milk etc...
How about having Coconut-water & supporting the poor vendor?

5. RESPECT everything Indian. Do NOT indulge in or allow anyone to indulge in insulting or demeaning or shaming our nation. Please STOP India-bashing...
Think of the solutions of the problems.
Remember- " You are a part of the problem if you are not a part of the solution."

We blame politicians & everyone else...That's the easy way.
But "Be Indian" & adopt the correct way.,.
May all contribute to enhance our currency & not support decreased value of RUPEE...

And please, don't say that "This is happens/expected here..."
What does anyone mean by saying this?
Cynics, please note- A nation is as good as its citizens.
It is WE, THE PEOPLE who create our nation. let us judiciously exercise our WE-POWER...

6. Festivals, Celebrations, Events, Community functions etc-
There must be more interaction between members.
Such events can mandate all to be dressed/eat/treat/greet as Indians.
Dress-code- Indian.
Food- Indian
Movie- Indian
All choices Indian!
May diverse groups get together,& interact & everyone is FREE TO CELEBRATE.
Local & community level singing, performance, movie-shows etc can drive the message too.

Like a mobile company's ad said- "Barriers break when people talk."
Will be a great idea to organize get-togethers, picnics, events etc based on "Be Indian".

7. Catch them young.
Pride in nation must be ingrained right from after birth & as long as they are alive, in ALL people of India.
Schools & families have a BIG role to play. Charity begins at home.
We need "Be Indian" training right from inception...

8. May there be more interest & enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is infectious! Let us infect the whole of India to "Be Indian".
Be innovative with "Be Indian" & inspire all.

"Ab hamare hawaale Watan saathiyon!" - Friends, our nation is our responsibility.

This is my "Be Indian" message for all.

This Diwali, let's use Indian products. And why only on Diwali? Let's use Made In India goods. Everyday will be Diwali for India. 
What do you feel? Do share your comments below.

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  1. nice and informative post! we must encourage Indian things ..I agree! and sarees by sabyasaachi are too gooodd! love their funky patterns <3

    1. Thanks Ankita!
      Yes, his Sarees are lovely. Perk of being a woman- wear Sarees :)

  2. That's an interesting initiative. Being out of India, I make it a point to buy Indian wherever I find them, be it biscuits or clothes. Be Indian buy Indian:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by & sharing your views, Ranveer!
      May we all buy Indian products/brands/items & help our economy.

  3. Buying Indian made goods also helps in saving precious foreign exchange!

    1. Yes Rahulji :)
      No need to convert our currency & our money is used in our country for the benefit of fellow countrymen...

  4. Agree 100% Anitha,and well Indian merchants should also be similarly educated to control their greed to welcome Indian customers :)

    1. Thanks a lot for visiting my Blog & sharing your points! Welcome here :)
      I agree that all the citizens need training. merchants must be educated enough to push our Indian products to customers. But, they generally promote/sell the goods for which they get higher commissions/margins, usually the stuff of foreign companies...

  5. I think there is no fabric as comfortable as our Indian cotton and nothing as graceful as Indian silk. And I can't stand all that India-bashing that seems to be a favourite sport for many writers! Pride in one's nation is very important and as you correctly point out it should start with children and youth.

    1. Truly Beloo :)
      Indian clothes are lovely & comfortable.
      All we need is to make them 'cool' for the younger generation...
      Pride & respect are a must.

  6. Beautiful post expressing a beautiful emotion- patriotism. I loved the hakikat song you used at the end. So true, it's up to us.
    Jai Hind!

    1. Thanks Kiran :)
      Yes, the Hindi film-song I quoted is as relevant now as it was then.
      Truly, it's up to us to maintain our Indianness & help our India.
      Jai Hind!

  7. Hi Anita, I thoroughly enjoyed ur post, but in the era of globalization wont it be unfair to say that we should only wear Indian! I love suits, and I love sarees and Lehengas even more. But i wear things randomly, wearing Indian 24x7 is not possible for me. I agree with Beloo above that nothing looks like cotton or silk sarees. Yes we should promote khadi or home based products (if they are equally good).
    I pardon ur words that we should take pride in our nation and our things and these values can best be instilled in youth from childhood!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your views, Sesha :)
      True that this is the age of globalisation & it's not possible for all to wear Indian clothes 24X7.
      But as Mr.Mukherjee has proposed, we can start with just 1 day of the week when everyone is dressed in Indian clothes.
      We can use the same dress-code for Indian functions & events. That'll be a great thing.
      Even I feel Khadi & home-based hand-looms are wonderful & make a great fashion statement.
      National pride is important & must be instilled in all.

  8. Glad you came out with a post like it ! I Indian Wear Indian !

  9. A nice post Anita as always ! Loved the way you have covered all aspects of being Indian and that too in a such a non- preachy way ! Its your forte` dear to say the most important and difficult of things in a pleasingly simple way - a quality rare to find ...
    I also loved that there are links to your other posts which a irregular friend like me would have otherwise missed :) Thanks fro the post Anita :)

    1. Thanks Kokila for your kind words & support, as usual :)
      Some may find the points I shared to be "moral policing" and there's a contempt & disdain for such views here. people are getting more "modern" day by day.
      Do hope all respect Indian values & culture at least on certain festival days or events by wearing & using things that are Indian...

  10. I totally agree with you...
    Very often I also think that Indian costumes are taking a backseat...
    At least, let us join our hands and try to bring change in our own small way...
    After all , small drops make an ocean!

    1. Truly. We can bring about a change.
      At least we can wear our Indian costumes for Indian festivals, functions & events...
      Thanks for your support & for sharing your thoughts :)

  11. Dear Anita, I highly appreciate your nationalism. I think your views exactly match with my views. I want to reveal that I and any other member in my family never wore any thing other than the Indian cloths like saree, salwar suit and Rajasthani traditional clothes. That's why people call us hardliners.

    1. Thanks Sampat for sharing your views.
      Clothes are a personal choice. But, then, we as Indian Citizens, ought to respect our Indian clothes & costumes too.
      Not all (including me) can boast of having worn Indian clothes all the time. But, we can make a conscious decision to wear.
      Kudos to you and your family. Sad that wearing our country's dress earned you the "hardliner" tag.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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