Sunday 12 October 2014

Cyclone HudHud

I get very disturbed when there are natural calamities. Who doesn't get affected?

The memories of Cyclone Phailin, in Odisha on October 12th, exactly a year ago, are still fresh in my mind.

The effects of any natural calamity like a cyclone is devastating. It incurs a lot of pressure on our administrative machinery and takes a toll on general public & development...
We lose a lot of time and resources...

When I first heard the name of the latest cyclone- HudHud, being the HUGE Hindi Movies Fan that I am, I remembered the title song from the Salman Khan starrer- Dabangg.
In Hindi, the word Dabangg means fearless.

No doubting the power of Cyclone HudHud Dabangg.

It had started making its presence felt much before its arrival.

"Coming Soon to Odisha & AP. Nature's Production & Direction-From the makers of Phailin." 

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Sadly, we had no choice but to anxiously make preparations for HudHud's visit.

Quite unlike a Blockbuster Hindi movie that we actually look forward happily & make advance reservation...

I got very angry. I imagined I had superpowers & enough strength to knock-out HudHud...

Yes, I imagined myself as Mary Kom punching the opponent HudHud in the boxing-ring...

I shared my thoughts via a Limerick in Twitter-

Wish I had a HUGE hood!
I'd cover up .
Bash it up & render it weak.
Neither Odisha nor AP it can seek!
That would be so good! 

Recently my Blogger-friend & Soul-sister, Shweta Dave shared her cool Limerick- What did you think on her Blog & I was inspired to compose another Limerick so that I can share it with her! 
Here is my Limerick, Shweta!

I got the following rhymes as reply to my above HudHud Limerick tweet:

Amrita, your words were prophetic.
HudHud indeed trends on Twitter now & hogs the media & mindspace today.

Now #HudHud #Cyclone plays spoilsport

We had visited Vizag last week.

It was lovely to see the Sunrise.

We had a great experience at Simhachalam Temple last weekend.

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May the Lord save us from natural calamities.
May there be no disasters in our cities.

Lord Nrusinghanath is the presiding deity of the Simhachalam Temple, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Maa Tara Tarini Temple in Berhampur, Ganjam, Odisha is one of the four most important ShaktiPeeths of India dedicated to Maa Shakti i.e. Maa Parvati.
We visited Maa Tara Tarini Temple too and I will share pics and info in my Blog soon.

I believe that all will be well.

Here are some HudHud pics that my brother-in-law has shared from Vizag.

They had visited the Yarada Beach last evening.

 Embedded image permalink
High waves & darkness courtesy HudHud. Stay away 

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 My sister and niece posed for pics at the Yarada Beach last evening.

Embedded image permalink

Today morning we were in touch.

My brother-in-law sent the following pic just before landfall in Vizag.

Embedded image permalink

However, powerful winds due to HudHud have rendered phone lines dead...

Unable to establish contact with them now as communication has been hampered.

The Government has taken adequate measures and has dedicated phone-lines for Cyclone Disaster
Management. Found many people actively sharing the Helpline numbers in Social Media sites.

However, Helpline numbers can help only before Cyclone. No use during the Cyclone as communication-systems are paralyzed...

Hope there is quick restoration of facilities like electricity and communication-systems soon.

Despite our advanced technology, Cyclone & its aftermath is scary...
Sadly, the lofty-ideas & pride of humans becomes blurry,
And we are still powerless in front of nature's fury...

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  1. We can't beat nature's power sadly and somewhere scientifically (I am not sure) aren't we responsible for some too?
    Seems like I am the only without any idea what Limerick is. Gotta go check it out :D

    1. True Shanx. We are responsible for all these calamities. these are man-made...
      Amrita has also shared the same in her rhyming tweet above.

      Yes, do check it out & attempt! :)
      In a Limerick- Lines 1, 2 & 5 have to rhyme & so do 3 & 4.

      Do read Edward Lear's fun limericks. We had them in school. They still bring a smile :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Mridula, Cyclones are powerful & so are their pics. Pictures speak...

  3. The picture from Vizag is really terrifying :-( Hope all will be fine...

    BTW, When I first heard the name 'hudhud' ...the thought of Dabangg Dabangg came in my mind too...

    1. Yes Mani. Hope all is fine soon.
      That's nice :)

  4. Really touched soul-sis, May the calamity walk away as soon as it can without any damage to a soul. Your post and limerick is unique and will generate a lot of good faith and prayers.

    1. Our prayers are with all.
      Thanks for your nice words, Soul-sis :)

  5. Hudhud is named by Oman, you must be knowing that. :)
    Very scary, I pray for peoples' safety there.

  6. Yeah, with Hudhud the normal life has been thrown completely out of gear with the high speed winds! Hope people are safe and sound and it passes by soon! Nice limerick!

  7. Thanks Anita 4 featuring my tweet & mentionin me on blog! :) Yes, in front of Nature man is nothing. Possibilism is due to man's advances in technology & taming Nature, but then ultimately- Nature rocks! She knows hw 2 get back at greedy, callous humans. And gets back hundreds of times more ferociously. Still foolish man that he is- never learns any lesson.

    Superb pics. Thanks fr sharing!

    1. My pleasure, Amrita :) Thanks!
      I agree with you.
      Hope we learn lessons soon & respect nature...

  8. No matter how much humans have progressed, the nature still reigns supreme! Only now we can defend ourselves a little better with advance warnings !

    1. Yes Rahulji. Thanks for sharing this.
      Technology may not STOP calamities, but does fore-warn & that's a big help as it aids in evacuation & calamity-ready preparation.

  9. Nature is the supreme power is not it ?

    1. I feel the Supreme power is the Almighty- the creator of man & nature. She/He is the greatest...
      Nature does have a lot of power.

  10. Interesting and unique take on Hud Hud, Anita. Hope all's well at your end. Thinking of all friends in Odisha as the cyclone rages.

    1. Thanks Ragini.
      HudHud has taken a heavy toll on AP & Odisha. Our administrative machinery has to work over time to set things right. Electricity & communication-systems need to be restored.

  11. We actually cannot stop natural calamities but yes we can alert the public in advance. But the saddest part is many a times it has been seen and investigated that our respective authorities have failed in passing information on time which results in huge loss of life forms. Hope all will be fine.

    1. True, Priyashi. Alerting the public is much needed.
      In the recent cases, our government has done a commendable job with the number of lives lost being in single digits rather than the three-digit numbers toll previously...
      "Being forewarned is being forearmed".

  12. Just wishing that everything should be fine there...

  13. Firstly Glad to hear from you!
    Nature just shows how little humanity is!
    Just anticipate....that is all we do.
    My brother is in Jharsugra now, content that nothing happened there.

    1. Thanks Datta.
      Bhubaneswar is not affected much this time, except for the inflation!
      Glad HudHud Cyclone's effects aren't as dangerous as Phailin.
      May we all be safe.

  14. that photo made me shudder. May God be with us.
    I liked the Limerick :D

    1. Yes Red. That pic is scary.
      May God save us all.
      Thanks :D

  15. Fortune bless our brothers and sisters in distress :(

  16. The eastern coast, especially Odisha has always been threatened by cyclones right? Wondering what our knowledgeable ancestors were doing for not getting affected by the natural disasters (just as the Japanese who build houses that are least affected by earthquakes)... Hope a little research would give us better solutions...

    Till then, whole India will pray for you Odisha and AP.... TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. Thanks for sharing such a valid point, Sindhu.
      Very true. I totally agree.
      We have to use the knowledge & ensure that such floods and other disasters aren't repeated.
      Much of it is in our hands...
      HudHud has badly affected 80,000 homes in Odisha. Do hope we can reduce such damage in the future.

      Keep Smiling :)


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