Thursday 16 October 2014

Durga Puja - Unit 1, Bhubaneswar

Odisha has celebrated Durga Puja for centuries.

Bhubaneswar & Cuttack, the twin-cities, have hundreds of Pandals.

Here are a few Pandals of Odisha we got to visit this year:

Durga Puja - Old Station Square, Bhubaneswar

Durga Puja - Khan Nagar, Cuttack

Durga Puja - Jharpada, Bhubaneswar

Durga Puja - Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar

Durga Puja - Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar

Durga Puja - Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar

Durga Puja - Bomikhal, Bhubaneswar

Durga Puja - Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar

When we crossed the Unit-1 area, where there's a big haat (market), we found an attractive brick-coloured building that looked like a temple.
Of course, it was a Durga Puja Pandal!

We dropped in.
Here are some pics from the Unit 1 Sri Sri Mahadev Puja Committee Pandal:

Durga-Puja- Bhubaneswar

When we entered, Puja was on.

The priests were holding a cloth in front of the idol & were chanting mantras (sacred hymns).


Here, instead of Maa Durga, the idol of Lord Shiva was killing the demon...



This was just one of the hundreds of Pandals of Odisha...
Check out the links given above (at the beginning of this post) for more  pics of Pandals.


  1. Today I am able to understand how grand is the Navaratri celebration in Odisha!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sindhu :)
      You must plan a trip here to experience the Durga Puja at Odisha.

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