Saturday 28 February 2015

Small Car to Big Car!

Mr. Sen is my next door neighbour. He has a blue-coloured small car that he wishes to change. 

I know so many details about his car! You must be wondering- how do I know? Well, each time we meet in our building's premises, Mr.Sen never fails to mention about his “small car. Over the years, I have learnt the history about Mr. Sen's car- when he bought it, how he bought it, why he bought it... 

Mr.Sen had bought a second-hand car, the first car of his life, a decade ago so that he and his daughter, MunMun, who was in college then, could learn how to drive together. The plan was that both of them would learn driving using a second-hand “small car” and then once they were confident drivers, he would upgrade his car. I had been hearing this story ever since I shifted to our apartment-complex. Being a software professional, I  travel often and my car, parked under the cover, gathers layers of dust. Back from yet another official trip, I was cleaning my car in the garage when I saw Mr.Sen. 

He said, "You know, Sid, I really have to change my car! My retirement is next year and I am still using a small car!”
“I have been hearing about your plans for so many years now, Mr.Sen! It’s high time you implement your plans!” I remarked.
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He looked startled. My honesty is often considered blunt...

“My problem, dear boy, is that I have no clue how to do so! MunMun is abroad and no one is here to help me!”

I thought, “This man has the intention to upgrade his small car, yet he doesn’t know how to fulfill his vision for– big car. There’s a gap separating his existing ‘small car’ and his dream- ‘big car.’” 

I felt sorry for Mr.Sen. 
Then, I shared the info I had about the online place where buyers meet sellers.

I took his smartphone, downloaded an App, created a profile for Mr.Sen, clicked pics of his “small car” right there in the garage and posted an ad to sell it. Next, I asked him to browse through the “big car” ads several sellers of our city had posted. Mr.Sen shortlisted some cars that he was interested to buy and we sent instant chat-messages to the sellers. The entire process took just a few minutes. 

I explained to him why Chat Messages Are Better Than Phone-Calls.
Mr. Sen looked happy and thanked me for my help, while I got busy cleaning my car. He was visibly excited when he got an instant reply to one of his messages! A little later, Mr.Sen dropped in at my home and informed that many interested buyers and sellers had contacted him! That was fast! We were impressed with the communication and convenience!

I asked him to take his own time and decide the best offers. After all, if he has waited for a decade, why not wait a few more days to upgrade his “small car” smartly!
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Today, Mr.Sen is the owner of a white-coloured “big car”. 
I found him clicking his Selfies with his car! When I waved and smiled, he said, “I’ll share the pics with MunMun!” 
I felt happy for him! 


  1. Anita, we will be looking to change our car soon, as ours is now over 5 years old and over 100,000 miles. It will start to cost us for upkeep, for sure. But I have no idea where to start. We will be very picky about it as we really love the care we have.

    1. Do hope you get a good car, Linda.
      I guess you will be going for a new car. As you have maintained your car pretty well, you should be able to command a good price for it. Aren't there any Mobile Apps that can help you get in touch with prospective buyers?
      We in India are lucky!

  2. that small car is just so mr Bean Car you are selling on Quikr :P :P

    1. That got sold & a new car of a different brand, size, shape and color is in its place in the garage, Ankur!
      Easy Upgradation :D

  3. ha. its cool the relationships we stumble into...he sounds like a character..
    i hope he does get that new car....

    1. He did get the car after managing to sell his old one! Thanks to technology :)

  4. Sweet story! Technology has made lives easy!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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