Friday 20 February 2015

My Chocolate Affair!

Don't know when, how & why my love for chocolates began...
I know- it's a never-ending affair as I'm a HUGE chocolates FAN :)

Why I love chocolates is pretty easy to understand!
 Like my personality, chocolates are rich, sweet & grand :)

My Chocolate Affair is tough to share within just a few characters!
As a tribute to my love- chocolates, I can write prose & verse :)

My Chocolate Affair is strong, deep, passionate & rare.
The taste of chocolates is delicious and beyond compare!

Chocolates and I make a great, cool and sweet pair! 
I love the softness & sweetness & celebrate without a care!

Chocolates fill me with bliss & are my passionate wish!
They set things right gifting me sweetness to relish :)

Chocolates do not judge or act difficult or pose issues!
Rather, chocolates are like medicine & drive away blues!

Chocolates are my pleasure; Chocolates are my treasure!
How much do I love Chocolates? No one can measure!

With Chocolates in my hand, I feel I have a heavenly slice!
Chocolates make me feel relaxed, happy, blessed & nice! 

This is #MyChocolateAffair - love that's rare 
continuing forever beyond compare :)


  1. Well, Anita...I do share your love of chocolate, but I gave it up for Lent along with other sweets. I'm doing okay so far!

    1. That's a brave thing to do, Linda. Giving up something that you love...
      I guess it must have been for health issues?
      Be well.

  2. What a passionate love for chocolates! The poem describes it all!
    Congrats again!
    TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. Thanks Sindhu!
      Some passions are tough to express in words!
      TC! Keep smiling :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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