Friday 20 February 2015

#1000Speak For Compassion

Can we inject-
Passion in Compassion?
Human in Humanity & nation?

Can we wear-
Other people's shoes?
Smiles that drive away blues?

Can we see-
There's no difference between us?
Blood's colour is same; why the fuss?

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Can we smell
Friendship's fragrance alluring?
Understanding that's amazing?

Can we feel-
The touch of oneness?
The peace that refreshes?

Can we listen to
What others are wishing & saying?
Prayers while the world is praying?

Can we speak-
Some words of love & passion?
#1000Speak For Compassion?

Can we take charge of-
All our senses?
Compassion through all the fences/lenses?

Let us blog and share #1000Speak

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  1. That's a beautiful expression on compassion! Yes, we CAN, each one of us do our bit and make our world a better place!

  2. Good post Anita... the questions are deep and answer to each one of them is 'Yes' I believe. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  3. Anita, I linked in this morning. I love your thoughts and reflections. Great job!

  4. wow so simple , clear and a crisp msg.
    My fav lines - Can we see-
    There's no difference between us?
    Blood's colour is same; why the fuss?

    Have a good time

  5. Very well thought and written. I have been reading your blog for the past one week. keep writing.

  6. Very poetic compassion Anita. Keep rocking.

  7. We can do all that you have mentioned, Anita. The only thing required is a little thought and determination...

  8. Unique ...and super take on compassion... Super soul-sis

  9. Yes, we can! Honest words like that of yours can definitely make everyone see our true selves and can help all of us to be the real us :) Words are very powerful!
    TC! Keep smiling :)

  10. Very well said Anita. We SHOULD...

  11. Beautifully penned!!! We ought to take charge.

  12. I hope so we can ... the world will surly be a beautiful place


  13. Excellent way to express your feeling. Very Touching !

  14. beautifully expressed your feelings!.... great message in less words! touched deeply.. !


Your words mean a lot to me.

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