Friday 20 February 2015

Flourish Together!

My glass was full & life was a tasty dish!
He was my ocean & I swam like a fish.
He was my ardent & heartfelt wish.
Still, we parted ways without a kiss.
Without me, he dreamt to flourish.
He never knew how much he'd miss!
He rued- glass is empty; nothing's bliss...
Life without me is a salt-less dish!

Eisenstein Potemkin 2.jpg
Cropped still from Eisenstein's film Battleship Potemkin (1925).

When he came back, I saw his furrow.
We got together for no more sorrow.
We both dreamt to flourish in our burrow.
Now we dance together like no tomorrow,
We wish more music & time to borrow...
Both our glasses are full & there's no sorrow!

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  1. nice...your twist is there....we all find love in mysterious ways..
    each one unique....and even through roughtimes...and maybe separations
    but find each other again and it falls right piece anita

  2. Maybe the break was a necessary step. So that eventually they could find love and happiness together. Very sweet.

  3. Great progression here. Always good to end with a 'full glass.' Smiles!!

  4. WoW! Against all expectations, it is possible--and with a wisdom gained from absence. Each line of your poem rings like a clear bell. The picture in the center was wrenching, but I saw it as an inner state!

  5. My glass is always half full...I like to think I live each day with vim and vigor.

  6. the rhyme and rhythm make it so appropriate for the theme...lost & the happy note :)

  7. Love prevails in the end! I love your pattern of rhymes. Very nice!

  8. A 2-rhyme sonnet - 1/2 this - 1/2 that reflected in meter and rhyme as well as content - clever. Definitely turned - I'd say 180 degrees! Well done, you.

  9. Fantastic....Sublime thoughts and perfect rhyme indeed.Well done, Anita!

  10. How great to turn it all back to joy in the last sextet - I love the brave consistent rhyming here.. really clever.

  11. It's nice when you finally realize the grass is just as green in your own back yard. Nice. Peace, Linda

  12. Nice that he came back, and appreciates his good fortune. Had to smile at the photo accompanying this poem. It goes so well with the verse.

  13. you don't know what you got until you don't have it anymore... I would've turned him away for leaving in the 1st place... ha

  14. Wonderful that it worked out. Your rhymes are excellent. Thank you.

  15. love the sonnet and the way way you rhyme it, This works so well.

  16. Fun story of lovers re-uniting later in life -- or so it seems.
    I enjoyed the contrasts of the pre and post re-union.

  17. Sometimes you don't know what you've got till it's gone. I enjoyed this.

  18. Wonderful poem! It reminded me of the movie Veer-Zaara :)
    TC! keep smiling :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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