Saturday 18 January 2014

Odisha Quiz

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I shared a poem & images in 'Guess This Place!'. 
The 'Place' is- Odisha.

Recently, I got to conduct an Odisha Quiz in Twitter - My First Twitter Contest As A Curator.

Here are the Q & As for you to check out your OQ- Odisha Quotient!

Q1- This depicts the Rath Yatra. What are such traditional paintings
of Odisha called? 

A1- Pattachitra


Q2- Which place of Odisha is famous for such colorful applique works that are also named after the place? 

A2- Pipili

Q3-  Which city, famous for such Tarakasi (Silver Filigree), was the pr
evious capital of Odisha? 
Tarakasi or Silver Filigree

 A3- Cuttack

Q4- The Shanti Stupa at Dhauligiri is on the banks of which river of
The Shanti Stupa, Dhauligiri

 A4- Dayanadi or Daya River

Q5- Identify this traditional cheese-based syrupy sweet-dish that
originated in Odisha.

 A5- Rasgulla/Rasagola


 Q6- What do the #Odisha attractions- Atri, Deulajhari, Taptapani & Tarabalo have in common? 

A6- Hot-Springs

Q7. Rushikulya Estuary & Gahirmatha Sanctuary in Odisha are famous
for which marine creature?  

A7- Olive Ridley Turtles

Q8. Which city of Odisha is known as the 'City of Temples' as at one
time it's said to have 100,000 temples? 

A8- Bhubaneswar

Q9. Name Asia’s largest brackish water lake that is in Odisha.

A9- The Chilika Lake


Q10. How many Wheels are there in this UNESCO World heritage monument in Odisha ? 

A10- 24 Wheels in the Sun Temple, Konark.

How many answers did you get right? Please do share!

Learn more about Odisha from the- Odisha Tourism Government Website


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Maniparna! I bet you knew all the answers :)

  2. 10/10! It's great to see somebody from Odisha trying to promote our state. The tourism dept of the state govt. hardly functions!
    Good job! Will look forward to your next posts! :)

    1. Wonderful Antarik :) Thanks a lot for the appreciation :)
      Odisha deserves better - a more active Tourism Department can work wonders for the Soul of Incredible India as Odisha has everything to cater to anyone & everyone's interests- nature, wildlife, beaches, art, architecture, cuisine, textiles... everything... & the same points are true for our India too...India is a must-visit destination.
      That's great to know. Do follow my Blog & check out my Travel posts. Will write more about Odisha & Incredible India.

  3. Shanti Stupa was new to me.
    Great info.

    1. Indrani, You must visit it the next time you visit Bhubaneswar. It's a lovely peaceful place.
      Thanks :)

  4. this is interesting... good one too :)

  5. Wonderful qns! Hats off to U fr sch a great quiz on our beautiful state of Odisha! :D

    1. Thanks Amrita for your kind words :)
      Could not cover much about the great & beautiful state - Odisha. Have to write many Posts to do justice as Odisha has many treasures...

  6. 0/10 for me... Orissa is one state I know little about...:(

    Thanks for this post...

    1. I love your honesty, Preethi :)
      That's the purpose of this Quiz- to present some facts about Odisha. So, now you know 10/10 :)
      Thanks for the appreciation :)

  7. Wow.. intelligent questions! :) Hope to participate in the next.

    1. Thanks Preeti :) Glad you liked. Will inform so that you can take thrm

  8. My OQ is very low.. Got 2/10 :(

    1. No issues, Aditya :) Now you know 10/10 Facts about Odisha :)

  9. Great questions. Knew 5 of the 10

    1. Thanks Avik. Cool score! That's 50% - above Pass Marks for you :)

  10. Super quiz helpful for my odia quiz competition


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