Saturday 13 April 2019

Images of Lord Jagannath And Black Hole

The recent photo of the M87 black hole named Powehi reminds me of Lord Jagannath's eyes. 
(Note- So far only one black hole has been photographed. The above image is edited and I have placed a copy of the first black hole by its side. The Universe has millions of black holes.)

Lord Jagannath is the "Lord of the Universe".
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Suna Besha (Golden attire) of Lord Jagannath during Ratha Jatra (Chariot Festival) at Puri, Odisha, India
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Lord Jagannath on way to His Chariot during Ratha Jatra (Rath Yatra / Car Festival) at Puri, Odisha, India
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Jagannath And Laxmi
The Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri is one of the four dhaams (sacred places) of India - that every Hindu must visit once in her/his lifetime. Puri is located in Odisha in eastern India. 
It is said that Shree Jagannath's big round eyes watch everything. In Odisha, you can find the Lord's eyes everywhere- on paintings called Pattachitra; on vehicles like autorickshaws, cars and buses; on doors and walls etc. We feel safe to feel His presence with His eyes keeping a watch...

Surrounded by a fiery orange and red ring, the resemblance of the black hole Powehi with the Lord's eyes is strikingly similar and indeed interesting and intriguing.
First glimpse of black hole Powehi (Credit: Event Horizon Telescope collaboration et al)
Black holes had been fiction until 10 April 2019, when scientists released the first image. 
This black hole was found in one of the largest galaxies in the universe, a galaxy named M87.
This galaxy is located over 53 million light years away from Planet Earth!

Dr Katie Bouman, the 29 year-old American computer scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who worked on this project for developing the imaging algorithm said:
"We didn’t know, even though we had predicted that if you had a black hole that you would see this ring of light, but we didn’t know we were gonna get that ring of light...Being able to see that it exists is huge."
Now that we have captured the maiden image of a black hole, the hope and possibility of human success to discover and capture images of all what has been a figment of our imagination or study/research seems to be a reality.
There is so much that we don't know and cannot see. But, every Odia believes that Lord Jagannath's round eyes see everything...

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  1. Wow! Lord Jagannath's eyes and black hole do look similar. Interesting observation, Anita.
    I want aware of the power and details of Lord Jagannath's eyes. Thanks for an informative post!


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