Sunday 14 April 2019

Why Do I Frequently Forget?

What makes me forget some wise words?
"Be the change you want to see".
"Keep your head when others are losing theirs"
I wonder why do I forget frequently?
WOW: Write About Something You Frequently Forget
"An eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth-
Makes the whole world blind";
Still, why I get caught unaware at times?
Why do these words escape my mind?

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Why do I waste my time replying to trolls?
Why give fuel to insensitivity & intolerance?
Why do I take their comments seriously?
Why do I not dismiss them at first glance?
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If I don't reply, they'll feel I agree-
That I accept their baseless allegation!
I'm responsible for my views & for me!
I don't owe them any explanation!

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Their mean words reflect their culture;
Their aspersions prove their character.
Whether I'm really a diamond/coal-
That's up to me; not their right to bother!
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I should continuously remember-
Always see the positive & move ahead.
Live every moment feeling awesome!
As my time on Planet Earth is limited...

Do you forget to stay away from foolish and negative people? 

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  1. Completely agree.
    I have written about one experience of mine in my blog a couple of times. The gist of that is never pick up a fight with an idiot .... if you lose than you reel with the pain that you got defeated by an idiot and if you win you end up being a greater idiot.
    A lose -lose situation
    Have a great day

  2. Yes sometimes I do. Really liked the message you shared. One really can't win from an idiot. Best to stay away.

  3. Hi Anita,

    This poem was linked up with the poetry form, Villanelle. Sorry but I will have to remove this as this lovely poem is not a villanelle form.

    Have a good week.

  4. It's hard to stay away from people who say things I disagree with. Mostly I have to keep an eye on my state of mind and do my best to not let it get to me. Responding to too many trolls often ends up depressing me and putting me in a funk, so it's usually best to just stay away. Hope you are able to do the same.

    WIth Love,


Your words mean a lot to me.

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