Saturday 13 April 2019

Heritage Sites Around Bhubaneswar

There are many heritage sites in and around Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. Bhubaneswar is called the 'temple city'. Out of the thousands of temples and heritage sites that were once existent, some exist. 
There are many lesser-known heritage sites around Bhubaneswar and its twin city, Cuttack.
Recently, I attended a talk where Shri Bikash R Das, advisor to investors and entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, spoke about the 'Heritage assets around the twin cities'. 
With his wide experience of having worked with the tourism departments of several states and having visited many lesser-known heritage sites of Odisha, Shri Das shared his knowledge. 

This area has secrets waiting to be explored and discovered. Prachi valley has some must-visit sites like Madhava temple, Sobhaneswara temple, Barahi Devi temple etc. This was the site of Kalinga's ancient maritime trade. 

He had some quiz questions asking us to recognize the spots. 

In his presentation, Shri Das shared pictures and information about sites like Chateswar, Uttareswar, Rameswar, Kedareswar, Barabati Palace, Choudwar Fort, Bali Singhanatha, Birat Raja gadi, Dadhibaman temple, Baidyanath temple, Baideswar Durga, Paramahamsanatha temple, Panchu Pandava temple etc.
This informative and interactive session at the BOCCA Cafe was conducted by Shri Sanu Ratho. Shri Das highlighted the tourism potential of this area with tremendous scope for startups and employment at these Odisha sites. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs in this sector.
I know this is just the tip of the ice-berg. There are a lot more heritage sites in store...
I am always conscious that there are so many places that I am yet to visit. Seeing the interesting sites within a range of a few kilometres from here, I can't wait to visit and experience the beauty of the architecture and the antiquity and history. 

Those in Odisha can plan to attend the upcoming Cuttack Heritage Walk on April 28, 2019.
Do plan your trip to Odisha to explore awesome heritage sites.

H for- Heritage
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