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Spellings Are- Odisha, Odia And Odissi


Odisha refers to a culturally and naturally-rich beautiful state located in eastern India. 
Odisha was the first state of India that was formed on linguistic basis. We celebrate 1 April every year as Utkala Dibasa.
Note- Odisha was previously called "Orissa." 
The spelling has been changed to "ODISHA" in 2011.
Courtesy: Odisha Tourism
Many are still not aware and continue to use the old spelling.
Others have to use the old name i.e. "Orissa" as their company/office's name is yet to be changed viz. "Orissa Minerals Development Company.".
Some others cannot change their name viz. the Geographical Indications (GI) of Odisha that had been filed when the state had its old name; thus - "Orissa Ikat" and "Orissa Pattachitra".
Odisha has been known by many names over the centuries- the most famous names being "Kalinga" and "Utkala". More information here.


Odia refers to Odia language.
Odia is the sixth classical language of India. This classical Indo-Aryan language is spoken in the Indian state of Odisha. It is the official language in Odisha
As per the Wikipedia, Odia is the 10th-most-spoken language in India by total speakers (36,609,122)
Odia refers to Odisha's literature, food, festivals, songs etc. - anything related to Odisha.

Odia also refers to the people of Odisha.

If someone asks you, "Are you an Odia?", they probably want to know if you are born in an Odia family i.e. born to Odia parents.
If you answer in the affirmative, they may start conversing with you in Odia language.
I have often done this on meeting 'Odias' outside the state, and then realized that not all Odias can speak Odia. Reasons:
1. Some Odias born to Odia father and non-Odia mother know their "mother-tongue" that's not Odia, but a different language.
2. Some Odias, born to Odia parents, but raised outside the state, know the local language better than Odia; they can barely read and write Odia, at best they can understand a few words and sentences...

Thinking on broader terms, an Odia is anyone related to Odisha in the past or present; also those who are or who were residing in Odisha. This can be stated by taking into consideration the profiles of members of many "Odia" groups in social media; such groups constitute of people with links with Odisha.

If someone asks you, "What are the people of Odisha called?", please give the correct answer - ODIA.
Note- Kindly DO NOT answer- Oriya/Odiya/Oriyan/Orissan/Odissi... as all these are past/incorrect spellings.


Odissi refers to the classical dance form of Odisha.
Odissi also refers to the classical music of Odisha, mostly used for the dances.
More info about Odissi is in the posts- Odissi Dance and Perfect Odissi Odyssey.
Humble Request- If you find anyone misspelling the name of our state, language or dance etc., please inform them and ask them to use the correct spellings.

Had you heard about Odisha, Odia and Odissi? What are your views? Do share in the comments below.

O for- Odisha, Odia, Odissi
I am blogging related to Odisha, India for the #AtoZChallenge this year.
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  1. I have heard Odissi nritya.

    I had an Odisha Ikat sari. I have gifted Pattachitra to my friend living in London and it adorns her wall.

  2. I do not know this Indian state. I'm glad to have my knowledge grow.
    Found you through AtoZ.
    Doesn't Speak Klingon

  3. Love it when I learn something new and while I've heard of Odisha, I didn't know much about it. I feel much better informed now.

  4. Odisha is a beautiful state endowed with great natural beauty. The Satkosia Park and Chilika lake are treasures that must be preserved. A great theme to highlight the state. Good Luck with the AtoZ!

  5. Yes, am aware of Odisha, Odia and Odissi :)
    Good to know more about this amazing state of ours!


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