Friday 19 April 2019

Out Of Sight And Out Of This World

"Where’s Suraj? Is he alright?” she was surprised to find herself wondering.

She had never met Suraj.
He was a blogger like her.
But, why was she thinking of Suraj of all the bloggers? 
Magic - Veronika Pinke
Suraj shared photo-blogs about his travels to exotic places.
She sometimes commented on his posts; and he posted his comments on hers'.
Her relationship with other bloggers was similar.
She wondered why Suraj was on her mind?
PHOTO PROMPT - Dale Rogerson
She was shocked to learn that Suraj was no more...
He had committed suicide by jumping from his apartment's balcony that winter night.

How could she predict his death?
WOW: Experienced Something That Could Not Be Logically Explained?

Has anything like this happened to you before? Have you thought about someone/something and then you got a news from or about them?

100 Words Story
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  1. How sad to have that happen.
    And actually, yes, I have thought of someone and boom! Get a call from them. I prefer that to finding out they are no more...

  2. Dear Anita,

    Things like this have happened to me.



  3. If only Suraj had gone online to talk about it instead.

  4. Such a sad, atmospheric story. Well done.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  5. A tragic end. There are a few bloggers that have come and gone over the years - I hope none have ended up like this.

  6. A sad story. And yes, I have experienced what you describe. I'll be thinking about one of my daughters, and I'll get a text or call. Maybe, however, that's because I'm usually thinking about my daughters. 🤔

  7. Nice little link up with the three photo prompts.

    I woke up two mornings in a row thinking about a friend who had breast cancer, worried she was going to die, and on the third day I got a call that she had passed the night before - she no longer lived nearby so I didn't have daily contact. It's funny how we know things sometimes.

  8. 'Truth is stranger than fiction' has been proved time and again.

  9. Proof that the people we meet while blogging are just as human as the people we interact with in the flesh. very nice write.

  10. Great flash for the A-to-Z blog tour about how we all interconnect.

  11. Actually, it happens to me maybe once a year. It's very weird

  12. Yes, this has happened to me. Thoughts of others who are about to have a change in their life occur more often than chance would seem to allow.

    And writing stories that have small word counts is a great way to keep your writing concise! Good job!


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