Friday 19 December 2014

Twitter, Abuse And Swachh Bharat

I love Social Media (SM).
I feel SM has tremendous power viz. the recent Elections 2014.
I feel SM needs to be "Swachh" (clean) of the ills plaguing it. 
In this post, I have shared my experience about Twitter (to illustrate SM)! 
Some Twitter-users like me have faced abuse. 

Fake profiles, anonymity & virtual interaction gives a cloak to people to act dirty.

- There are "trolls" that target our tweets, especially those having the trending hashtags. 
- Congratulate a winner & the losing candidate's fans question your choice & whether the result is ethical!
- Post anything against important people- X-Y-Z & their supporters hound you!
- Post appreciation about something good that's happening & haters of that person/policy attack you!

Let me take the example of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Every self-respecting Indian ought to want a #SwachhBharat or #CleanIndia .
But, SM showed that there are Indians who jeer at the idea, poke fun and oppose the concept! 
Some others want another person/political party to hog the credit for the idea! 
For others, it's Selfie-time, Show-business or Photo-Opportunity! 

I feel terrible when people urinate on the streets even in the media - movies viz. 3 Idiots that highlighted 'mutra-visarjan' (urination) at undesirable places.

Recently, in the movie-promo-ads, when I saw Aamir Khan's character in the Hindi-movie PK urinating on the same wall that clearly states- "Yahan Peshaab Karna Marna Hai" (Urination is not allowed here), I wondered how can the responsible brand ambassador of #IncredibleIndia agree to do this scene? But, in the very next scene, we find a police-constable taking him away for having committed the act! May be that's to serve a lesson for the wrong-doers- Stop this habit or you'll be punished! 
Need to watch the movie PK to learn the context of that scene.

Let me ask you 2 questions-
1. Have the Incredible India ads with the message- 'Proud to be an Indian', 'conserve our heritage', 'Shame-Crown', 'Clap & shame those who dirty India' etc moved you?
2. Have you asked/reminded strangers to take care (not litter, spit, carry plastic...) while they were dirtying our India?

As an India-lover, I have been doing the above for years and will continue my efforts.
Grateful to Shri Narendra Modi for highlighting it in his Independence Day speech in August this year.
Now I cite Modiji's name & speech to those strangers and they nod in agreement!

My following idea was voted this June. Proves that many of us want Indians to change for the better.
You can read all the posts in #ChangeBadHabit4India

I had proposed the #SwachhBharat topic for Blogging earlier. My topic didn’t get selected as just after I had posted, another Blogger also shared the same idea as #CleanIndia topic for the same Edition#38 of IndiSpire!  
#SwachhBharat- IndiSpire#38
My #SwachhBharat idea for IndiSpire is at the bottom while the #CleanIndia idea is at the top!

I have shared the above screenshots to show that I have been concerned about #SwachhBharat before-
1. Modiji gave his speech & popularised it
2. A news-channel conducted a Blogging contest, had a whole day event and the hashtag #SwachhIndia trended.

Being passionate for #SwachhBharat & also being a fan of the Brand Ambassador of #SwachhIndia- Shri Amitabh Bachchan, I sincerely participated in the Blogging contest & shared a lot of tweets on Twitter.

I shared the following two Blog-posts-
Sanitation And Hygiene #SwachhIndia

As I had put in much effort for my posts by creating images & diagrams and also as it's a worthy cause, I wanted my posts to be read.

I didn't win in the Blogging contest & not even a single tweet of mine got a retweet from the Twitter handles associated with the #SwachhIndia event.
But, many Bloggers appreciated my posts and many Tweeps retweeted and favorited my #SwachhIndia tweets!

Apart from nice feedback, I also earned flak & was accused to be "fake profile" and an "influencer"!

My IQ was questioned as I supported the cause!

I have a bad-habit- I try to be civil & respond to most of the tweets I receive. 
When I received too many spam-mails, I reported one particular handle to Twitter for abuse.

Twitter mailed me this:

I decided not to reply to abusive tweets & remembered this quote:

George Carlin"Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― George Carlin

My Note For The Haters & Those Who Abuse-

So far, I have written posts and tweets about what I believe and support.
In Twitter, I have done "influencing" in the sense of retweeting tweets on request of friends/followers.
I love to take part in contests, but that's purely as a contest-player and not as an influencer. But, then in this world everything is marketed and commercialized and contests are no exception! 

SM is a source of bread and butter for many people and nothing wrong in it.
But, may the innocent be spared!

Just because you are being paid to spam and spread hatred and poison, doesn't mean that I am being paid to propagate your opposing beliefs!

Just because I am tweeting about a particular hashtag, doesn't mean that I am paid, fake or my IQ is low!
STOP the serious allegations & abuse! 
Respect everyone's views.

#SwachhBharat, #CleanIndia & #SwachhIndia supporters ARE NOT silly & stupid.
I'm afraid I can't say the same about those who don't support such worthy causes! 

Don't oppose #SwachhBharat or people who support #SwachhBharat. 
Please channelize your time, energy & resources for India's gain and not for being a pain!
Remember- If you are not the part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.

Recently,  I also tweeted actively and wrote 5 posts for #BlogToFeedAChild

Currently, #PeshawarAttack, #IndiaWithPakistan, Taliban, #PakSchoolAttack etc are trending for the unfortunate event that occurred at Army Public School, Peshawar, Pakistan on December 16th, 2014. 
Many like me who blog & tweet ARE NOT PAID for them...

Yes, I wrote a poem- "What's My Crime? #Peshawar Attack" as I was so moved by the 5-year-old who was killed on the first day of school... 
Ditto for the many Social issues I have written posts & poems...

Hope Haters have the IQ to understand- NOT ALL POSTS/TWEETS ARE FOR MONETARY GAIN!

#SwachhBharat will start with #Swachh mind & thoughts!

Note- This was just a tiny glimpse of my experience.
Have you faced abuse on Social Media? How did you deal with it? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post, I have not yet faced such a situation on social media.

    1. That's great, Ananya.
      Hope no one ever faces abuse...

  2. A very comprehensive and a lovely post Anita. Although the entire Swach Bharat Idea started with such a gusto, it seems like a drunken promises sometimes. People seemed very excited while making it and now they find it easy to just keep throwing garbage wherever they want and there are these naysayers who will do anything to bring any project down.

    I guess the solution is just to keep going no matter what these naysayers do or say. After all there has to be progression somewhere..

    1. Very true, Vinay.
      We must keep the faith and do what's right. Drops of water make an ocean. There has to be progress.
      Thanks for sharing your lovely words :)

  3. Nice post and effort Anita, two days back only me and my wife were traveling in a shared auto, and one of the guy who was sitting in front of us was spitting through out the road. Though I did not noticed his act, but within a few minutes my wife noticed it and taught him a good lesson.... I was aware that this guy will not take any lesson from this incident, and will spit again when someone like us will not be in front of him.

    The problem is that we cannot go and teach all these things to everyone else, and we don't even think that whatever we are doing is actually setting an example for kids.... What will they learn from all this?

    Let's hope we can be able to take part in making our own home a better place to live.

    By the way as far as Twitter is concerned, there are so many FALTU people out here, and we need not to react to everything which comes to our way. It is true that some people don't even know the basic etiquette required to talk to a person. It is better to avoid those people and their tweet. I too faced the situation a few months back, while I was supporting Narendra Modi during Loksabha Elections. Most abuses I faced was from AAPtards during the Delhi Elections last year and this year too. But those people are simply moron, we need not to react to their foolish acts....

    1. Very right, Alok.
      I totally connect with your points.
      We are indeed setting a bad example to our kids...

      Fully agree with your views about some people on Twitter & also in real life. Hope they "get well soon" :)

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience & views :)

  4. yeah I agree completely with Alok and Vinay here ... They as well as you are right .. Idiocy is best practised by idiots .... after all they have a Masters in it :P
    We all know better who we are :)
    Keep up the good work and responsible blogging that you do :)

    1. Thank you for your nice words and support, Kokila :)

      Yes, we all know who we are. Sadly, some people ruin our image in SM by their false/misleading comments. If the latter are influential people, then many "followers" believe them and our reputation gets spoilt... Unfair.

  5. Anita, you wrote brilliantly to support Social aspects, be it BlogToFeedAChild or Swachh Bharat; but few useless accounts cannot hinder the spark of blogging. Keep your good work going :)

    1. Thanks for your appreciation, MeenalSonal :)
      So true! We must not lose our goodness or spirit! :)
      Best wishes!

  6. May be you should not even give these abusers another thought... you are doing a great job.. and that's all that matters...people who can do nothing better can only tweet about ill things... and believe me when I say this people who crib cry and abuse are cowards and they can not do anything good for the society.. if modi is doing something good then call it political gimmick.. it may be.. i don't care as long as it does good to the society.. so when we blog they think it's only for a contest. But that's not true.. these contests have given us a platform but what we write is what we genuinely feel... like I had mentioned in my last post , people like my profile pictures more than some meaningful.posts.. so there is no point in talking about these people. People have told me "you write as you have all the time in the world and nothing better to do". Nobody understands.. so we should just ignore them.

    1. Respect your views, Shruthi :)
      Thanks for the support!
      Nodding in agreement to every word you have shared as even I have faced the same that I blog as I "have all the time in the world..." They don't know the sacrifices or sentiments involved :)

  7. Very sorry to hear you faced this, Anita. The more I see of Social Media, the more I am wary of the same. A statement of mine on Facebook, said in jest, was taken to be offensive! Rather than defend myself, I deleted the status. This is because I cannot spend my time explaining a joke to people and secondly, what do I owe them? My response? Not at all. I am glad to know you and very glad to see you associate yourself with this campaign. May there be more of your ilk in this world.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience & kind words, Shailaja :)

      Very true. "One man's meat is another man's poison". What's fun or entertaining or decent for one may be construed differently by another.
      Status- "Complicated" :)

  8. Good answer Anita.. People who are questioning on your IQ should know that at least you have the guts to put the national issue up front. If rest of our country man had that much thinking ability then we would not find the need to write on such topics.

    1. That's so true, Twinkle! Wish people have the IQ to recognize this!
      Thanks for sharing this valid point. Wish we all have a conscience and work for our India, rather than criticize those who write/support :)

  9. A filmi dialogue for my Filmy Friend, from the movie, Guru: "Agar log tumhari burai karen to samjho tarakki kar rahe ho." Congratz, Anita! :)

    Newton’s 3rd law states: “there is an equal & opposite reaction for every action.” So, from the intensity of their reaction, you can measure the intensity of your effort.”

    I’m proud to have You, as my friend, whom people just can’t ignore; either, they have to praise or abuse. You are a very kind, simple and down to earth lady despite being the Cover Girl of Femina. Your kindness also reflects in the quote you chose to condemn them. You, at least, consider them humans but idiots. I’d have used the quote of Cyrus Ching: “I learned a long time ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and besides, the pig likes it.”

    Don’t give a damn to those pigs. Don’t divert your attention from such a good cause. All the Best!

    1. Thanks for sharing such inspiring words, Ravish :)

      I love that line from Guru. I had reminded myself the same last year when I had faced an allegation :)
      Newton's law is so apt :) The pig quote brought a smile! There's a similar proverb in Odia language too :)

      I'm proud to be a part of such a supportive Blogging Community with friends like you. Thanks :)
      Best wishes to you too!


    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation, Uppalji :)
      Love your kindness & support! Thanks :)

  11. Apt reply to the morons who hide behind their monitors and oppose, abuse and mock every positive or negative that trends anywhere. I take positive energy from the good feedback but not so much to influence me and for the hate spreaders, i let them be. You keep doing the good work you're at. Good luck I have personally much loved ur poem :)

    1. That's a lovely strategy, Jatin!
      Thanks for sharing & for your appreciation!
      Yes, we must defend/protect our identity and thoughts.
      Ideas have to be strong to withstand such divisive forces :)

  12. Feel terrible when I see our superheroes urinating on the road in the movie. Sighhh, instead of making it look bad, they show it in a rather cool way, which encourages mindless youngsters to follow them, isn't it?

    1. That was my feeling too, Abhi.
      Need to watch the movie. Will do tomorrow & find out the context of that scene in PK...
      Thanks for stopping by & for posting your comment :)

  13. There are always people who take pleasure in abusing others. It doesn't matter, if you are working for some cause or anything else. The best way is to ignore such people.
    #SwachhIndia #BlogToFeedAChild and the other causes you supported are noble. The above mentioned abusers are the reasons we still have causes but not many solutions. I wish such people would be reformed, but it is not possible. You are right, they are definitely the part of the problem.
    You are doing great work Anita. Keep it up. Ignore those people who are a nuisance. There are many people who are good and support good causes. These people are the ones we should talk and respond back.
    Have a great weekend, Anita.

    1. Thanks for your kind words & support as usual, Kiran :)
      Yes, you are amongst the do-gooders & I am so proud to be associated with enthusiastic and nice people like you!
      Enthusiasm is infectious. May we succeed in infecting the world!
      More power to all of us! Cheers to Blogging!
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. It must have been a harrowing experience for you Anita but I am glad that instead of taking hiding, you have chosen to voice your opinion. I think your blog posts and tweets are amazing and you are doing an amazing job talking about social issues. Don't give another though to those idiots. :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your appreciation & motivation, Khushboo :)
      Yes, like you, even I believe we must voice our concerns!
      Thanks for your nice words. Ditto for you! Best wishes for your posts and congrats for your wins :)

  15. These trolls don't have anything better and worthwhile to do in life. I faced abuse and offense on Twitter to give it back, not to mention abusive comments on blog. I choose to filter them. There are some people who will always run people down and fail to appreciate the good work.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Vishal :)
      Wish people would focus on constructive things rather than waste it on abusing...
      There's power in our words & not all can appreciate...

  16. Kudos to you & your efforts for a swach Bharat & other causes Anita! Keep going in spite of obstacles,

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words & support! Means a lot :)

  17. If any one abuses you for clean India, then joke is on them. The idea of clean India has been there for long. Modi has simply articulated it with the hope that coming from the highest executive of India, it may carry weight.

    1. Truly Abhijitji. I feel those who oppose Swachh India are enemies of our nation...
      Grateful to Modiji for focusing on this & hope everyone follows.

  18. I can understand your frustration Anita about social media abuse..I've faced it to some extent on Facebook. But we've raise our voice against all these...only then we can bring the change. Hats off to you for coming up with this post...

    1. Very true, Mani. Change will be possible thanks to us :)
      May we have the spirit to move on!
      Delighted that you liked the post!

  19. Anita I don't tweet so can't give u much on that but yes I am on facebook and my serious urge to share sometimes takes me there. Guess what...I suffer insults from my own friends. My school mates who first post sentimental posters about values, friendships and blah blah...
    I guess it's the way of the world.
    If u feel u r making sense...u should continue in ur efforts and stay put. There is a saying in Hindi ' Haathi chaley bazaar kutta bhaunkay hazaar meaning when the elephant walks down the streets of a bazaar there would be many dogs barking behind it but none can do the elephant any harm.
    Regarding Swach Bharat Abhiyaan I am biting dust...sweetie I am still brooming and mopping the common staircase as my next door neighbour uses shamelessly the swach areas each day and every day without bothering even to show any appreciation to that swachata what to talk of pitching in. So much for the so called well educated upwardly mobile elite class who think seen with a mop or a broom is so cheap and base. It is a job that only safai walas do...
    Uff...Modi jee key Bhashan sey Kya hoga...the mentality where we still need to respect and understand 'dignity of labor' do we instill that into certain educated my boisterous partying at the drop of the hat neighbour...who has not one but three peons doing ' Jee Madam' around her. And she is not even holding the office...her husband is.
    Okay I gave this example because she is there right in front of me...I see the tamasha on a daily basis.
    I guess when I read that article in the newspaper it made sense...mentality has to be swach first fir desh swach hoga. Period.

    1. Lovely to have you here after a long time, Shivani!
      Thank you so much for sharing such an in-depth comment :)
      I had read a post of yours in which you had mentioned about unkind FB comment(s) about your pics & blog posts. Can't understand why some people wish to insult...
      The exact Haathi saying is there as a proverb in Odia language too. Thanks for reminding :)
      Sad when "educated" people like your neighbour, that too with manpower end up behaving irresponsibly...
      I agree with you.
      Our mentality has to change.
      May we be Swachh in mind & acts...

  20. So sorry for everything you had faced... From the day I know you, Anita Explorer, I have watched you raising voice against 'every kind of dirt' in the society and appreciating every kind thing. I have been nodding at almost all the issues you were mentioning in your posts and felt as if you have read the hearts of all the Bharatiyas who love their motherland. There are two ways to do good things. Either to start doing something or to support someone's efforts. I chose the second one because that is the way to unite and united we can achieve anything.

    I feel sorry because if I would have shared your posts in the social media, they would have reached some people. After all, it is our responsibility to support your every kind act.

    I am with you Anita, like your every reader... We Bharatiyas were opposed and betrayed by our own countrymen from centuries. History shows how our own men helped invaders. And, opposition shows that you are doing something noticeable and great! So, it's clear that they are afraid of what impact your words are creating!

    TC! Keep smiling dear :)

    1. Thanks for your nice & kind words & support as usual, Sindhu!

      Together we can achieve a lot. Let us all share info and inspiration through all the means we can...
      You are so right and have stated correctly that in the past, some Indians have ganged up with invaders and betrayed our country. We have paid and still paying heavily for such irresponsible acts...

      Words can heal and also destroy.
      Hope our words usher peace & joy...

      Keep Smiling :)

  21. A very comprehensive post Anita. Many of us are passionate to see some of the evils in the society to eradicate. However, whether it is Dowry, Swacch Bharat or any other social evil for that matter, certain things cannot be left for the individuals to decide. Fine, Fine, Fine, yes that's what they say about Singapore. For everything that a citizen does against the rules, he's heavily fined in Singapore and hence its environment, administration everything is fine. So, this is the only solution. Without punishment nobody including tiny tots in LKG will not fear.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation, Fayaz.
      I agree with you. Kudos to you for writing about social issues like Dowry.
      It's nice when people are passionate. Hope we all bring about positive change.
      Singapore has fines. There everyone behaves, stands in line & all is fine :)

  22. Sorry to hear this happened to you Anita, i have seen people getting abused on these social media sites. These things leads to frustration in people. You took a right step by raising your voice against it.

    1. Yes, unfortunate, isn't it?
      Thanks for stopping by and for your maiden comment on my blog :)

  23. Great job Anita, it's good you're concerned enough about the environment to raise awareness. And you are right. As for those unhappy people who can make their miserable lives tolerable by trying to bully innocent people, it is they who are mentally disturbed, it's not your issue at all. Keep on being you. (Techchumz)

    1. Thanks for reading & for your kind and encouraging words.
      I agree with you. Hope and pray that mentally disturbed people "get well soon".
      Appreciate your support. Keep visiting!


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