Friday 19 December 2014


I went across the border to earn my butter & bread.
Monsters bombed & targeted & hunted down the suspected.

The killings scared, bleak future, web ahead; I'm glad I fled...
My family was relieved to see me back alive; not a bug dead...  
PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright = Douglas M. MacIlroy
Used with permission- PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy
My angels happily hugged me and welcoming me, they said-
"You must be tired! Relax! Have some bread & go to bed!

When you feel okay, you can properly use your head!
Decide what work to do here to earn your bread..."

Also, the Christmas presents & stockings are waiting,
You'll take care of - 'a few more hooks & they'd be done hanging!'

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  1. Anita, that picture is certainly a big ugly. I hate spiders.

    1. Included that pic as it's the picture-prompt, Linda!
      I wanna stay away from bugs too :)

  2. Loving the rhythm in this one, Anita! Glad it ended well for the victim :D

    1. Thanks Shailaja :)
      All's well that ends well as the hero is now at home!

  3. the duality of the word 'bread'..loved the way you incorporated it here!

  4. Enjoyed your take on the two sides of the bread ~ Have to earn your bread, I can certainly relate ~

    Thanks for participating with D'verse Prompt ~ Have a good weekend ~

    1. Thanks for stopping by & for your nice words, Grace :)
      Yes, we do a lot of things to earn our bread.
      Merry Christmas! Have a great week & year :)

  5. Okay hey let me first grab this opportunity in wishing u first a very joyous and great merry Christmas also a very prosperous successful 2015...cause apart from the ' earn your bread' that's what I'm stuck on at the moment ...prospects for merriment...thoughts to be merry. Hope is life and life is always hoping and wishing for the best although wouldn't it be nice if it was a world where everything was like Eden. No one was anyone's bread...

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your philosophical & positive words, Shivani.
      Amen! let there be merry thoughts & reasons.
      If no one (including animals/plants) is anyone's bread, Food-cycle will be affected, especially for the top-consumers humans!
      Can hope and pray that humans aren't treated & killed like bugs...

  6. Ah what a way to do a double prompt.. the picture fits well..

  7. This poem gives an impression of life as a battle field... Yes, most important part of life is to fill the stomach. You have nicely expressed Anita :) The picture is so apt!

    TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts, Sindhu.
      I wrote it after the Peshawar Pakistan School Attack.
      The picture is courtesy the picture-prompt. Else, I'd have never included it :)

      TC! Keep Smiling :)

  8. Linking Terror & Dead Bug is highly creative. Keep it up! :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your nice words & support as usual, Amrita.
      Dead bug is courtesy the pic-prompt & terror because of the world we stay in...


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