Friday 5 December 2014

Fancy The Trust!

The best-of-breed fresh MBA had landed a lucrative job that people fancy!
He had impressed all with his knowledge, thought-process, transparency...

management jargon
Source: dVerse

To the rest, all his jargon, buzzwords & management speak appeared lofty & gibberish!
His "less-educated" employer was proud of his pick- to leverage & engage was his wish...

More than his own mind & sense, he trusted the MBA to value-add his core-competency!

Linking it with-
Five Sentence Fiction - Trust
dVerse- Jargon, Buzzwords & Management Speak


  1. NIce work Anita - and welcome to dVerse ... smiles.

    Isn't it amazing how much trust is put into those three letters, MBA?


  2. oy - he'd better try to speak the language of the people he works with... ha
    welcome at dVerse anita and nice to meet you

  3. Indeed.. those three letters are like a golden key to the ladders of career..

  4. i'll take some synergy please

    focused implementation

  5. ROI - I knew I'd forgotten something! Welcome to dVerse, Anita, have fun. We're not always in suits and ties, spouting gobbledygook...

  6. Great take of the prompt, Anita! Sometimes too much trust in put in labels rather than in people.

  7. So true!!! Let's hope the company grows with this MBA guy on board!!
    BTW, how do you manage to write in a jiffy???

  8. great take on both the prompt , well done


  9. hahah! most MBA's use heavy jargon to create an impression! they seem funny to me :P

    Nice one!

  10. On second thought, I should have done MBA

  11. Nicely written Anita....I always love your prompt posts....Here I want to share something with you do visit my blog to know it...

  12. Those big words may give the impression of intelligence, but are too often just the mask worn by charlatans

  13. Sometimes they may not even realize how high-flown and high sounding they are relating to others. But office jargon is such that they make one appear big but others see it small! Nicely Anita!


  14. MBA.....I chumma took LAW.
    I dont understand big words...why use them when noone gets it?

  15. Nice story Anita...
    Once I read a story of an illiterate hotel man. His hotel was doing a very good business even during the recession. Then his educated son explained about recession and made his father worry. The father got upset and he did cost cutting that itself became reason for the shut down of his hotel.
    I don't understand the alphabet of management, it appears to be alien to me!

  16. Aha! THAT was a play on jargon :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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