Tuesday 2 December 2014

Unique Monkey Play Pics

A few weeks ago, we visited the Maa Tara Tarini Temple in Berhampur, Ganjam, Odisha, India.

We were treated to a unique sight.

Some monkeys had united to play together.

They had managed to catch hold of a Saree (an Indian costume worn by ladies).

They were finding the yellow Saree a precious plaything & a useful source of enjoyment!

It was evening and the light was fading.

Still, I couldn't resist myself & clicked some pics.

Guess how many monkeys are hidden under the Saree!

Apart from the antics of the simians, don't miss the picturesque beauty across the fence.

You can see the Rushikulya River flowing on the ground below...

How many monkeys are behind the fence?!

The following is my favorite shot with the monkeys playing & the Maa Tara Tarini Temple in the background:

I found this entire experience very unusual!

The priests asked me to back off lest the simians should attack me!

Have you ever seen monkeys playing with a Saree or with any other garment?

If you ever spot such a sight, would you find it precious & unique?

Do you attempt to click pics using whatever camera you have, though the light is fading?

How do you like these pics? Which is your favorite pic? 

Please share your honest feedback in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for this unique fun post!
    Wil, Abcw Team

  2. I will never come opportunity to make such photos, great snapshots!
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Monkeys are at monkey business again. Great pics.

  4. hehe! funny. I have seen monkeys playing esp. when visiting a zoo :)

  5. I think the funniest one is with the monkeys under the cloth, hiding and playing. They are just like little kids! The fence is quite interesting, and I'm sure the river is also beautiful.

  6. the monkeys are cute. i would be glued to watching their antics and photographing them too.

  7. Fun post!! Loved the last pic!

  8. Playful monkeys do make a great subject for photography. :)
    You got some good action shots. Each is good. couldn't really decide which is the best.

  9. All the pics are superb Anita, especially the last one which is your's favorite as well. Though I did not encountered any such things so far, but will definitely try to click them if I ever face something of that sort :)

  10. Hehe..wonderful captures. I like all the pics... :-D

  11. Nice collection; loved the last pic the most too, as if one monkey has just won the tug of war first prize :D

  12. Haha, they are having a great time off their own! :D

  13. I liked the last pic the most. Here in our layout, we sometimes find a family of monkeys visiting. They are very ruthless and ruin our plants.

  14. This is not monkey business anymore. You have captured monkey fun very nicely. Ghoonghat ki aadh mein monkey ka deedaar bada accha hai............

  15. I always like watching monkeys and very much enjoyed your pictures.

  16. Me is your soul-sis so i would too click with whatever possible and in fading light. The pics are wonderful and i lived the experience through them :)

  17. He he the monkeys are quite a riot!! Nice captures Anita :)

  18. Cute clicks ya .....i loved pic where 3 monkeys are sitting diagonally to each other :)

  19. Superb set of monkey pics. Reminds me of Govt. Guest house in Mahabaleshwar where monkeys are a very common sight.

  20. Wonderful pictures, I too , like the last one.
    .There may be a lady somewhere missing her Saree right now....Naughty monkeys.
    Interesting post thank you for sharing part of your life with us,
    Best wishes,

    ABCW team.

  21. It seems like a wonderful place. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing, Anita.

  22. They look funny and cute, as long as it is not us. Nice catch.

  23. Monkeys playing peekaboo...very funny ��
    My experience with monkeys....when I visited Jagannath temple in Puri, mother monkey was nursing the baby monkey....it was mesmerizing....

  24. Monkeys and a saree. I would call them precious pictures.
    I would have pulled out my phone and captured the scene too.

    Really cute.

  25. This was an excellent capture, Anita :)

    Monkeys are my fav animals more so since they have so much in common with us. My recent Children's book has this species as my main character ;)

    Thanks for linking :)

  26. Such fun pictures, looks like they have had hours of fun.

  27. They definitely look like they're having a grand ole time! What fun!

  28. I would be very afraid to be that close to the monkeys. When I visited Costa Rica, the monkeys stayed in the trees above us...and threw things at us!

  29. Wonderful Pictures that are also amusing..

  30. Monkeys justifying their name , hahaaaa ! great series of pics of mata taarini

  31. Wow! Wonderful captures and the post too! :D
    I always enjoy reading your posts! :)

  32. I bet they are quite entertaining to watch.
    Coffee is on

  33. Nice captures n cool how you combine all the prompts in one post.. :) been a while i guess n its so good to be in ur space, Anita.. :)

  34. How lovely! Enjoyed the post :)
    Even I do click pictures whenever I see something interesting... Recently, I started to simply watch what happens, instead of losing the moment in getting camera ready.
    We saw a group of monkeys at Ellora, climbing on the shoulders of men... Have clicked a few, yet to share in my blog. My favourite photo? That one with monkeys hidden in sari!

  35. Monkeys are always a delight!... esp in religious locations... and the Ellora ones mentioned in an earlier comments are worth a visit... they are large langurs almost as big as a human child...


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