Sunday 14 December 2014

Drive Safe

Driving is a responsible activity.
People are yet to realize; it’s a pity.

They indulge in what they think is cool.
No seat-belt or obeying traffic-rule…

Talking over phone while driving,
Listening to songs or trying to sing!

Crossing closed railway-crossing,
Speeding, drunk driving, overloading...

The result of irresponsibility is tragic.
To adopt safety let no one be lethargic.

The message may be blunt, but is clear- 
Be wise, drive safe, be safe, life is dear.

Written for a Road-Safety IndiBlogger contest.

Also linking it to:
Three Word Wednesday - Blunt, Drunk, Lethargic 


  1. Hi Anita, nice to see bitter note for the 'Rule breakers'. Those who don't obey traffic rules won't get affected by their faulty driving but innocents pay for the mistakes of others most of the times... Hence, the rule breakers won't understand the importance of 'safe driving'. Only solution for this is to implement traffic rules strictly and punishing those who don't follow. But, big question is will implementation of implementation be done properly? Now the topic has changed to 'controlling corruption'... OMG! Where we are caught???

    1. Right points, Sindhu! Thanks for sharing :)
      You must present your views for the topic :)
      Yes, the innocent are punished & have to be victims of accidents when it's not their fault...
      People need to obey traffic-rules & be responsible...

  2. very nicely written. Road safety is a must!

    1. Glad you liked it, Pooja :) May we all be safe.

  3. Wait. I'm not supposed to sing and drive?

    1. Sing if you must, Alice, but better focus on the road & be safe.
      In Hindi Movies, many accidents have occurred as the hero/heroine or both were singing & driving...
      Stay blessed!


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