Thursday 21 September 2023

National Handloom Awards 2023

September 20 is celebrated as "Silk Day".

Today we are also celebrating- Nuakhai- an important harvest festival of Odisha.

It's an important day for our rich handlooms & talented weavers.


This blog post has reference to the "National Handloom Awards" for this year (& some previous years) that are yet to be held.

Thanks to Ministry of Textiles initiative for the first National Handloom Day on 7th August 2015. 

National Handloom Awards were handed over.

Handloom-weaving community felt honoured.

Contribution of this sector in the socio-economic development of our nation is immense. #MyHandloomMyPride

National Handloom Day is over on August 7th this year. 

But, Awards were not handed over to weavers. 

Notification for the National Handloom Awards (NHA) 2023 application/submission is not published as yet.

I had first shared about this issue 2 months ago- registration number: PMOPG/E/2023/0135449.

However, date for this year's NHA is still not out.

As per reply received on 26.07.2023, NHA dates & details would be shared after guidelines are set.

Interested weavers are still asking- When will they get notification for National Handloom Awards?

Our weavers have spent a lot of time and effort & invested resources for creating unique designs.

Those prized pieces are still waiting to be sent for NHA consideration.

Once a piece is woven for Award, weaver cannot showcase or sell that. 

Money is blocked.

As NHA haven't been held for past 2-3 years, many pieces are lying.

There's loss of morale & patience.

Textile ministry should announce submission dates & details soon so that the weavers can apply. 

This month, the NHA application process should be published.

Requesting completion of all pending NHA ceremonies before end of this year- 2023.

Target must be to hand over National Handloom Awards for year 2024 on the National Handloom Day 2024.

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