Monday 25 September 2023

Get Over Jealousy

"I went to find a bad person in the universe, and I found none."
- Kabir
Be "happy and joyful" and "never do harm to anyone".
Totally agree with these words expressed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in this Speaking Tree column- "Get Over Jealousy" published by ET Prime on August 26, 2023:

Personally, I have always believed in the wise words shared in the above-mentioned article.
But, it feels strange to share that despite my altruistic efforts for common and higher cause, some people brand me as a "bad person" and "jealous".

Let's take this example- There is this report that concerns the community and my state and nation.
There are wrong entries in this report owing to the devil-may-care attitude of those who have presented it.
Now that I have researched, studied and figured out what is wrong and have even suggested freely to them to make updates, I am told that I am "jealous" of the influential person(s) who have submitted the report! For them, I am a "bad person" as I am "unnecessarily opposing and creating disturbance"!

Consider this-
If you happen to know about the preparation of a dish, and know that someone else who is not well-conversant with ingredients and is aware and unbothered, has still tried to carelessly prepare the same dish, will you still allow that ignoramus's dish to be served to your loved ones knowing fully well that they can get sick considering the grave and toxic consequences of the unhygienically and poorly prepared dish?
Won't you try to make amends and suggest additions to annul the toxicity of the dish; else try to prepare the dish afresh or serve other alternative dishes instead?

For both the above cases-
You will not do anything or put your heart and mind into efforts to make things better if you are truly jealous!
You are jealous of them; why share key points and information with them?
You will rather allow the wrong-doer(s) to make the mistake and let the community suffer.
After all, those people chose those person(s) to represent them! Let them suffer!

If someone is rising above all such mean and narrow-mindedness, and who has invested own time and effort to ensure the best version, who can recognize such a person's contribution?
Only those who are in the right frame can understand the real intention of such voluntary outreach and work.
Those who themselves are jealous will brand such do-gooders as jealous.
Those who themselves are bad will think of such people as bad people.

Life is short for all of us. Live and let live.
Many wise people have always said this.
Being jealous or zealous is our choice.
We can decide to be the best version of ourselves and chose positivity no matter what.
But, how our actions are interpreted and received is never in our hands.
My father always says- "Be good and nice and kind ANYWAY."
My mother used to say that we are not supposed to copy others action/inaction/reactions. "Their behaviour is governed by what they are and what they stand for. Let your culture be reflected by your values and who you are."

I feel by all means do the best you can and let others do the best they can and for what they are trying.
Just because you are jealous of the performance of others, just because you know that they have been working much harder and are definitely better-qualified or more knowledgeable than you are, do not denigrate their hard-work or sabotage their character or image.
Focus on own work. Don't be jealous of others.
Jealousy is a fire that will burn everyone. Use your energy for good work.
If you cannot help or support, at least please don't be a spoil-sport.🙏

Just like the topic of the Speaking Tree article shared above, my request and wish for all- "Get Over Jealousy".🙏
May Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannatha bless all this and more 🙏

What do you feel? Do you experience jealousy? How do you get over it?
Please share in the comments below.


  1. Correcting an error is the right thing to do. But how you tell them/correct them makes the difference.

    1. Thank you for sharing your views.
      Experience has taught me- No matter how you put across tell/correct them, some uncaring, unbothered, egoistic & selfish people will never take any corrections in the right spirit despite your best intention & efforts.
      They will never accept that they have made a mistake; so no question of making amends!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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