Monday 18 September 2023

How To Get Back Lent Money?

Have you ever borrowed or lent money? 

Those who have done so, would have realized how tough it is to retrieve.

How many borrowers actually follow you up to return the money they owe?

When the amount is "small or insignificant" meaning when the figure is within 1-3 digits then it is expected to be forgotten!

The expectation is not too different in the case of a four or five figure loan too!

The same thing applies for books.

I am yet to get back many of the books I have lent. This outcome is independent of the nature, size or cost of the book!

Borrowers have been reminded multiple times and yet they do not feel it necessary to even answer messages or calls.

Came across this interesting headline and news report published in today's edition of Economic Times (ET) -

Likely to miss monthly repayment? Don't worry, SBI will send you a chocolate

Which borrower wants a chocolate?

Will gifting a chocolate make borrowers return what they owe?

India's largest bank, the State Bank of India (SBI) certainly thinks so.

Source: ET

There is a leading player's chocolate ad with the tagline- "A gift for someone you love."

Do lenders love the borrowers? That depends on the equations between the two.

The Hindi movie- Lagey Raho Munnabhai - comes to my mind.

In the movie, the protagonist Munnabhai hands over flowers with "Get Well Soon" wish as a form of non-violence and protest being inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's lessons of ahimsa.

In the movie, Munnabhai's Gundagiri gives way and scope to his newly-acquired Gandhigiri tactics that seems to work as several change their ways and "Get Well Soon"!

Source: Wikipedia

In the above-mentioned personal and banking borrowing/lending cases, who needs to get well?

Why lend in the first place and face all such having to follow-up and non-receipt issues?

I often remind myself- 

"Neither a borrow or lender be."

"Never borrow never lend if you want to keep a friend."

Despite being aware of the above sayings, I have still gone ahead and "helped"/"supported" and fulfilled the needs of the known persons, who had approached me. 

And to some, I voluntarily equipped (without them having asked!)!

Do-gooders need to "get well" and remember that all are not like them.

Social service for humanity's sake has its own challenges.

Everyone here cannot afford charity - when the stakes are large sums of money or rare books. 

When there are business interests involved, then one needs to get to business like SBI has done.

I am sure many other lenders have their own ways of retrieving their funds and other loaned resources.

Chocolate is a sweet idea.
Flowers with wish messages can be tried as well.
The impact may be in the borrower's favour! 
Fingers crossed :)

What do you think?
Have you ever been in such a situation? What did you do? Please share.

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  1. That seems like an interesting experiment, would be glad if it works. I hate reminding people to pay me back, but have to as I too have bills to pay.


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