Monday 25 September 2023

Sharing Caring Honey Bee

She travelled for many hours-

Voluntary efforts with devotion.

For gardens, she scaled walls & towers,

And gathered key drops & information.

Source: Unsplash

Throughout her journey, on the way,

She kept sharing notes & progress.

She freely gave access with no pay!

Many got inspired- more or less! 

She shared because she cares.

She shared learnings to inform-

To enlighten & make them aware.

They treated her like a- STORM!

They looked for ways to get her tamed.

They asked her to end her silly ways.

For 'Storm in a tea-cup!' she was blamed!

She was ostracized & ignored for days.

No invites sent, nor any acknowledgement. 

She should have got a red-carpet-welcome!

Still, being responsible, when she tried to attend,

They questioned her- 'why have you come?'

She was/is chucked out unceremoniously!

Unfairness & injustice is allowed to continue.

Used honey-bee is thrown out from honey.

"Sharing is Caring" & "Caring is Sharing"- your view?

Note- In nature, the-

female "worker" bees produce honey from pollen and nectar that they collect from plants on their fuzzy bodies while pollinating.

In this poem, the female protagonist has been shown as a worker honey bee, who has worked hard for the honey that is shared with many. After the honey is got, it is taken away and the honey bee is no longer important. Also, how many like to "have a bee in bonnet"? However, no matter what, till the end of its life, the bee continues its work- making honey.

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