Tuesday 19 September 2023

Shree Ganesha - Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

May Shree Ganesha bless all this Ganesh Chaturthi.

How many are still using "Lord" to refer to our Gods?

Can we please start using "Shree" instead of Lord?
Shree Ganesha 🙏🎊

Jaya Shree Ganesha 🙏🎊

Shree Ganesha is a much-loved God and is invoked first during many events and Pujas.
He is "Vighnaharta"- i.e. the "remover of obstacles".

Who does not want obstacles to be removed?

Shree Ganesha also finds expression in many handicrafts and handlooms of Odisha like the following-

Odisha Pattachitra

Pipli Applique Work
Pipli Applique Work- PC- Utkalamrita

Bandha Kala (Ikat)


Stone Carving

Cuttack Tarakasi
Cuttack Rupa Tarakasi- PC- Silverlinks

...and many others.

Some of the local products are GIs of Odisha, India.

Some Odisha crafts with Shree Ganesha have been shared in this post-

Some Talapatra Khodei (Palm Leaf Engraving) crafts with two intricately showing depicting Shree Ganesha-

Today, I was surprised to find Shree Ganesha in the logo of a foreign university- Silpakorn University!
Silpakorn University is a national university in Thailand.
I have got mail for a paper presentation there.
While reading, I felt I was seeing Shree Ganesha.
Looking closely, I figured out that it is indeed Shree Ganesha in the University's emblem!
Which University of India has Shree Ganesha in its logo/emblem?

Kalinga's Sadhabas had established maritime trade and our nation Bharata has ancient links ties with many nations.
The temple worship and culture is pretty similar even today.

Today Ganesh Chaturthi has been celebrated by many, including in Odisha.
Some others, especially in Southern India celebrated it yesterday.

Even some of India's leading newspapers decided to celebrate it yesterday and as their offices were closed, we had no print edition of those newspapers today e.g. The Times of India, Hindu Businessline etc.

But, as Maharashtra, like Odisha and some other states, is observing today, the Bombay #stockmarket was closed today.

By the way, Maharashtra and Odisha are sister states for the #EkBharatShreshthaBharat.
We have many things in common including celebration of Ganesh Puja.

Yes, Ganesh Puja is a BIG festival in Odisha.
Many schools and colleges celebrate it.
Books, copies, pens, pencils etc are placed in front of Shree Ganesha's idol during Puja for His blessings.
We wear new clothes and there are many yummy dishes and desserts prepared for Shree Ganesha.
Later, who gets to savour all those offerings? His bhaktas, of course!
There are lovely pandals and a lot of excitement.

Celebration has been done as per respective calendar's tithi. That is how some celebrated it on September 18th and others on September 19th i.e. today.
For this year's Janmashtami and Rakhi Purnima too, there were 2 days.
I had shared about that earlier here-

The point here is- Devotees still celebrated as per the tithi.
No one celebrated Ganesh Puja- by preponing it to start on Saturday/Sunday- 16th/17th September or postponing it to start on the coming weekend i.e. Saturday/Sunday- 23rd/24th September 2023.
Similar was the case with Janmashtami.

Why then do those same Odia and other people are perfectly fine and advocate celebration of Ratha Jatra on a weekend & any day convenient- rather than on the decided tithi?
Why Ratha Jatra (Ratha Yatra) should not get the same respect and devotion and observance as per the tithi day and date of the Hindu calendar?
"Sab chalta hai" for some cases and rules and beliefs change for the rest?
Jaya Shree Jagannatha 🙏

What do you feel about Shree Ganesha and Ganesh Chaturthi celebration?


Your words mean a lot to me.

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