Wednesday 13 September 2023

Answer This KBC 7 Crore Question

The popular Quiz-show Kaun Banega Crorepati, hosted by the inimitable Sri Amitabh Bachchan has found its first Crorepati for its latest season- KBC-15.

Jaskaran Singh answered all the questions he knew and bagged one crore.

He could not answer the last question though.

Courtesy: Sony TV

Regular viewers know how tough it is to first make it to the show, then the hot-seat, and thereafter, answer all the questions correctly and consistently thereby securing such a huge amount.

Some highly intelligent persons have faltered after crossing and reaching such levels and lost all the amount "won".

Technically, one doesn't win the amount unless one safely secures and wins before quitting.  

One incorrect answer, and the series of "wins" of correct answers gets negated, as one bags only either Rs 10,000 or Rs 3,20,000 - the decided base levels.

Not a mean amount or effort, nevertheless.

However, considering the high stakes of what one loses- amounts like 25 lakhs, 50 lakhs or Rs 1 crore, the notional win after the heavy loss does seem paltry.

Coming to our hero, the man of the moment who created KBC history for this particular season-

Hailing from a village named Khalra in Punjab, near the India-Pakistan border, Jaskaran Singh aspires to be an IAS officer.

With his knowledge and skills, he managed to reach the final question.

However, he decided to quit after being unsure of the answer that would have earned him seven crores.

Jaskaran was unable to answer this question:

"According to the Padma Purana, which king had to live as a tiger for a hundred years due to a deer's curse?"

The four options:  

  1. Kshemadhurti
  2. Dharmadatta
  3. Mitadhvaja 
  4. Prabhanjana

After seeing the question and the options, Jaskaran stated that though he knew about the Ramayana and the Mahabharata that he has watched on television-shows, he was not aware of the Puranas. Thus, finding the question to be difficult, he decided to quit.

Do you know the correct answer?

It is- "Prabhanjana".

I did not know the answer either!

Sri Bachchan shared that the story is a part of the "Padma Purana". 

In fact, had they given the names of four Puranas and asked to identify which Purana it belonged to, I would still find it tough to answer.

This particular story is that- once, King Prabhanjana killed a deer, when she was feeding her child. The deer was very upset because of this act of the King that made her lose her child. She cursed King Prabhanjana to lead a life of a tiger for 100 years.

This shows that there is so much to know about our culture and heritage. One has to be really lucky to get the questions whose answers one knows.

It is not enough to know, we need to recollect correctly and answer too.

Some contestants feel nervous and many get tongue-tied seeing the famous host and in the grueling or intimidating studio atmosphere with focus lights and attention.

But, when one keeps one's cool and focuses and uses existing knowledge and skills making judicious use of the opportunities like lifelines and the very helpful host and team, one can perform one's best just like Jaskaran did.

Did you know the answer? Do you like quizzes?


  1. When it comes to winning crores, quizzes go crazy, I think. They have to, I suppose. What is Padma Purana!?

    1. Yes, that is why there are so many interested contestants. Added attraction- Superstar Bachchan ji & name & fame :)
      Even I am not aware of the names or the stories. There are many ancient texts like the Puranas. Need to study and learn more.
      Shows like KBC introduce us to the reality- our ignorance too!


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