Friday 1 September 2023

Local Odisha Products in Final GI Stage

It is great to see the interest and excitement of general public regarding Geographical Indications (GIs) now.

I recollect the time when many Odias considered even the discussion regarding GIs as a waste of time and effort, and rather chose to remain mute spectators while some of us were passionately championing Odisha Rasagola and other potential local products as GIs. (Some still do).

After the grant of the last 2 GIs- especially Odisha Rasagola GI, many became aware and producer groups started demanding GI for their own community's products. 

Note- NOT ONE Odisha GI application was filed between 2011-2017.

Now, how many GI applications have been filed from year 2018 onwards?

While it gives immense pleasure to see many being "vocal for local" and "vocal for GI", the wrong information being shared is a matter of great concern.

This afternoon, it was quite perplexing to find many sharing that "Nayagarh Kanteimundi Brinjal" has earned the GI Tag!

When I checked, it was showing as "Examination" stage.

Sometime later, it was updated as "Advertised".

It may be noted that this particular brinjal was examined along with several other products of Odisha at the Consultative Group Meeting (CGM) held on December 6, 2022 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Stakeholders had shared about their respective GI applications in that meeting. Following the feedback from the expert committee members, they had to supplement additional information and make updates as advised.

Earning the GI tag is a long laborious process with many stages.

Publication in the journal is the final stage. 

GI products have to be first published and advertised in the journal.

Thereafter, the GI certificate is granted after a few months if there are no objections.

Usually, this entire GI process is to be kept secret. No one wants objections. Obviously, one cannot object if one does not know about the publication or advertised status!

No one had objected during the wrong technical details submission during the neighboring state's application and thus they had sailed through while it was wrongly shared that "Odisha has lost Rasgulla GI case", while in reality we had not even applied for GI then!

Keeping anything secret - including GIs- is tough in this age of social media with over-zealous, and, many times, incorrect sharing.

One wrong report by leading media and rest all follow the leader(s), and we have multiple wrong news-reports.

Worse is, such reports are forever available online thereby adding to the misinformation and misrepresentation.

We have seen this in the case of many local and GI products before like-

- President Murmu Madam's Saree -

- Finance Minister Nirmala Madam's Budget Saree -

- Manchester Marathon Saree -

- Vidya Balan - Sambalpuri- Shri Ganeet -Maths Saree -

Considering the fact that there are already many incorrect news reports, sharing the correct list of the 7 Odisha products that have been considered for GI and have been "Advertised" in the latest Journal-

1. Odisha Khajuri Guda – GI Application No. 690 

2. Dhenkanal Magji – GI Application No. 724 

3. Similipal Kai Chutney of Odisha – GI Application No. 725 

4. Nayagarh Kanteimundi Brinjal – GI Application No. 739 

5. Kapadaganda: Dungaria Kondh Embroidery Shawl – GI Application No. 773 

6. Koraput Kalajeera Rice – GI Application No. 814 

7. Painting of Lanjia Saura (IDITAL), Odisha – GI Application No. 871 

Apart from these 7 that have been advertised in latest Journal, "Kendrapara Rasabali" - GI Application No. 802 was also "Advertised" 3 months ago.
Total 8 Odisha products will get GI in the recent future in case there are no objections.

Want to request all to use the correct names and spellings and information while submitting GI applications and ensuring correct representation while sharing.
It is very disappointing to see that some applicants do not even take care of spelling the names of their product, their address, city and state correctly! 
Even geographical areas need to be correctly mentioned to include maximum and genuine stakeholders.
After all, the name of this Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is Geographical Indication- GI. There is "Geography" even in the name! Yet, some do not care to correctly share about the geographical area! Plus, local experts should be consulted and there should be proper documentation.
It may be noted that wrong information published in the journal will be believed as a true representation of our state!

Now coming to the latest GI news. Let's not create confusion.
GI tag for many products are yet to be granted. 
We can say that a product has earned the GI tag only after there is the grant and it gets the GI Certificate.
The GI process should be ideally kept secret. This is a Quasi-Judicial process that follows the law and rules and we all must be mindful and show care and respect. 
It concerns our products, producer groups, community and state.

For the last 2 GIs granted- our Kandhamal Haladi and Odisha Rasagola GIs, we had kept the final timeline secret and had announced post-GI-grant i.e. on Utkala Dibasa-1st April 2019, and 29th July 2019 respectively. 

Last year, after our information and outreach, Kandhamal Haladi earned the maiden Most Popular GI Award in the Agricultural GI category.

Those who are so excited for GIs, may please vote for our Odisha GIs in this year's poll-

If all of us including media focus on sharing about such post-GI activities and news like the ongoing GI Poll, then Odisha GIs can earn more focus, popularity, fans, and awards!

What are your views? 
In which year did you first learn about GIs? Please share in the comments below.


  1. I am glad Odisha is getting proper recognition.

    1. Thank you so much. True that many are aware of our local products now.
      While this is a happy development, we have miles to go.
      Recognition must be with correct name and details. Misrepresentation & misinformation is a concern.

  2. Will certainly vote in favor of Odisha.

    1. Thank you so much for all your understanding and support.

  3. Iam educated, Anita

    1. Thank you for visiting and for sharing your views.

  4. This is brilliant, thanks for sharing, I had not idea about this.

    1. Thank you so much for your interest, Pooja.
      Actually, there is so much happening and many of us are not aware.
      We know what we are told/informed/read/hear...

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading and for sharing your view.


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