Wednesday 26 July 2023

Letter For National Handloom Awards 2023 Notification

Thanks to the Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India, and PM Modi ji's initiative, the first National Handloom Day was inaugurated on 7th August 2015 in Chennai.

National Handloom Day celebration is an opportunity to honour our handloom-weaving community and to share and showcase the contribution of this sector in the socio-economic development of our nation.

On National Handloom Day, celebrated on 7th August each year, the National Handloom Awards are given to honour weavers.

It is a goal for many weavers.

There is an English saying- "Where there's a will, there's a way".

But, the will is not created automatically. There has to be a goal and then there can be the motivation and action to reach it.

All this cannot and does not happen overnight.

Agree that not all weavers work for awards. They create exquisite pieces and are either unbothered or unaware to send nomination.

Source: myGov on Twitter

However, some weavers, nurturing this dream, have been creating unique and beautiful designs and using their creativity and skills with an eye on the goal- for the awards.

They have been enthusiastically working on unique designs and concepts for a long time. 

It is always great for a creator to get recognition for her/his work.

Awards are always precious. Awards are a matter of great pride, name, fame, and recognition.

Weaving is a tough and taxing profession. We are grateful to all our talented and hardworking weavers for keeping our art and heritage alive.

We are truly proud to promote and celebrate our incredible India's handlooms and talented weavers.

Some hashtags that are being used by handloom-lovers and promoters-






National Handloom Day is on August 7th.
But, notification for the National Handloom Awards 2023 application/submission is not published as yet.

We tried looking online, but we could find no information regarding the 2023 National Handloom Awards application notification.
Many weavers are waiting for the notification to apply.

Interested weavers are asking-
When will they get notification for National Handloom Awards 2023?

Thus, this writer sent a letter to the Textiles Ministry soon regarding the 2023 application process.

Concerns were also brought to the notice of authorities on Twitter-

I will be always grateful to Modi ji and the present Government for enabling common citizens to directly connect with them. 

Such engagement means a lot.

Great to receive the following letter from the Development Commissioner Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India, today:

Thanking the Ministry for sharing the reply.

We hope to receive the notification and details and see and share the said publication soon.

Please note the point below and the following request (Not related to the "National Handloom Awards Notification" as such) -

While it is great to receive this letter, the "Sir" address (and no "Madam" there), makes me place this request: 

Please add "Madam/Sir" in future letters. 
That will include all.

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