Wednesday 26 July 2023

Floods And Disasters In Nature

In the past couple of days, we all have seen disturbing images and videos of floods and landslides in some parts and extreme heat wave and forest fires in the other part of the world. Many lives have been lost and property has been damaged owing to the natural and man-made disasters.

This morning, I saw this Greentoon shared by the Economic Times-

The above "ECO-LOGICAL" cartoon by artist Manjul shows the attitude of our times.

Our ways have caused harm. And still we are ready to exploit even more to keep our homes and pockets warm!

The heat waves do not bother us! We cool our homes using air-conditioners while generating heat for the environment.

Climate change is a serious issue.

We all need to accept, change, and adapt.

Some have been making the most of such natural disasters.

It is said- "Necessity is the mother of invention".

Some people find disasters as great opportunities to cash on.

Many times, humanity goes for a toss as selfish business interests reign. 

Prices are jacked up astronomically, while excess produce rots and gets wasted in store-houses.

Nature has not spared many major cities worldwide, including our national capital. 

A picture published in a leading newspaper shows submerged cars in a parking lot in Noida. Rivers, being above danger-mark, have spelled doom by overshooting boundaries. 

Recently, the second edition of the GI Fair (Geographical Indication products exhibition) was held at Noida from July 2024, 2023. Many producers and sellers dropped out because of travel concerns. Those who attended said that there were lesser visitors owing to the rains and flood.

Even today, it is raining heavily at New Delhi, thereby adding to the woes.

Roads are water-logged.

Schools and colleges are closed.

Daily life is hit.

There is a HUGE loss of business.

We go on with our personal business without a care in the world.

We still want our plastic bags and mindless consumerism. 

We have to stock up on things that we do not need because of our selfish attitude and greed.

Nature and environment are at one end, and human nature, attitude and behaviour is at the other. 

As per theory there will be "the survival of the fittest."

May all be fit to recognize the reality and respect nature and our environment. Planet Earth is the only planet we have. Everything depends on how we use our intelligence- whether as a friend or enemy of Planet Earth.

What do you feel? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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