Monday 14 March 2022

Break The Bias #BreakTheBias

On March 8th, we observe “International Women's Day” worldwide. 

Apart from Mother's Day that is celebrated in May, this is one day to celebrate women.

Multi-Tasker and Balancer

A woman balances various roles at home and at work. Just like the Dashabhuja (ten-armed) Goddess Durga, she is a multi-tasker. Every woman is expected to be a super-woman. 

Even if she is a working-woman, she is supposed to handle everything- right from cooking, laundry, childcare, grocery shopping… 

If she is a stay-at-home mother or “housewife”, she is looked down upon. House-work is never a paid activity and it is not taken into consideration to calculate GDP.

Liability and Second-class citizens

When a girl is born, she is considered a “liability” and entire family starts saving for her wedding. The aim is to get her married as soon as she attains marriageable-age.

A woman is not just a property- an item to be bought or owned or used or exchanged or given away. Is she “Lakshmi” (the goddess of wealth)? Her in-laws demand and get a hefty dowry from her parents during marriage.

Who cares about her dreams or independence?

In many families, women are treated as second-class citizens.

Agriculture and handicrafts employ the maximum number of citizens in our nation. Though there are so many women farmers and artisans/weavers, their identities and voices remain suppressed. The male-member, who earns money, is considered superior.

Representation of women in politics, government, and in corporate organisations is also less.

Leader, but expected to be Follower

Whatever she does, she is judged and her work is scrutinized.

She is conditioned to think- “Log kya kahengey/sochenge?” – What will people say/think?

Society expects her to be caring and soft-spoken and keep her opinions to herself.

If she comes across as honest, opinionated, and independent, she is disliked.

If she is successful in her profession, she is accused to have adopted “smart” means viz. keeping male bosses “happy”.

If she takes tough decisions for the family, company, state or nation, and exhibits her leadership qualities, thereby making others “follow” her idea/advocacy, men have a problem acknowledging that she is a leader. Why is it assumed that only men can be leaders? 

Charlotte Whitton had rightly said-

'Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.'

A woman’s hard-work is shamelessly usurped by men, who get to ultimately hog the limelight being projected as the heroes of every story! And such injustice is supported by other men and women, who despite knowing the real “hero”, chose to stay silent about the contribution of the deserving woman-leader or achiever.

SHE is HERO – No HERO without HER

Print, television and social media share touching and laudatory messages on Women's Day.

You can’t spell HERO without HER.”

Despite her being a hero, and despite we having so many such heroes in our midst, why is it so difficult for us to celebrate these unsung heroes everyday?

Why only March 8th for reminding us of women- famous and otherwise, who are making a difference?

Anyway, we are happy that we at least have one day for women when there are greetings, meetings, and events and women achievers are felicitated, thereby celebrating their work and contribution.

Wake-Up Call- #BreakTheBias

Apart from celebrations, March 8th comes every year with a wake-up call. The theme chosen each year makes us introspect and discuss.

The International Women's Day theme for the year 2022 is “Break The Bias”.

#BreakTheBias is easier said than done. Women face discrimination on multiple grounds, starting with gender. Being a female comes with the “handle with care tag” as there are safety issues too. Women face harassment everywhere.

What are we doing to #BreakTheBias?

How can we break anything that is so well-established and deeply entrenched like bias in the psychology of our society?

To do anything, we need to be informed, be aware, and take action.


What we need to #BreakTheBias

Are we making attempt and doing enough to break the bias? The bias may be either conscious or unconscious. Women are deliberately excluded just because they are a woman!  Women do not get a meeting-invitation, job or a promotion, or even a new dress or tasty meal unlike their male counterpart or family-member. 

Here are some steps we need to take to “Break The Bias”-

·  Information and awareness of the kinds of biases and stereotypes that women face

·  Addressing challenges and the ways women can break the biases

·  Discussion of solutions, roles, responsibility and accountability for all stakeholders  

·  Identification, action and implementation to break the biases for self and women

·  Acceptance, inclusion and hearty support to women and their issues

Women need to be recognized and must earn their due credit and position in society. This can happen in a bias-free society, where gender does not dictate the behavior and attitude, and women are celebrated just the way they are. In the Hindi movie 'English Vinglish', the character Shashi, enacted by the late-actress Sridevi, craves “RESPECT” and people not being “JUDGMENTAL”.


Respect for women’s contributions at work and at home will not happen overnight.
Mere wishing or slogans will not ensure patience, sympathy, and equality.

Sincere and serious action is needed with the involvement and participation of the society.

WE form the society. All need to work hard and contribute to an equitable society.

Charity begins at home. Every family is a unit where all members must consciously make this decision and lay the foundation. The structure i.e. society will be strong when the foundation i.e. each family ensures action. Let us create a culture that honors, respects and values women.

More in my post- WE-POWER


All must join the Journey to #BreakTheBias

While it is great to revel in the progress made by women worldwide and to cheer for the success-stories of women, especially in the last few decades, we have a long road ahead and “miles to go before we sleep”.

There is no denying the fact that the journey ahead to “Break The Bias” is long.

I remember the lyrics of two Hindi movie songs about journey-

“Yeh safar bahut hai kathin magar, na udaas ho mere humsafar.” 

(Movie- 1942 A Love Story)

Though the journey is very tough, do not be sad my co-passenger.

Yunhi kat jaayega safar saath chalne se; ke manzil aayegi nazar saath chalne se.” 

(Movie- Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke)

The journey will be over as we travel together; the destination will appear as we travel together.

To #BreakTheBias, women need the support of fellow-women and men to make our collective journey worthwhile as together we cover miles, and reach the destination in style and with smiles.

Some extra words in my post here- Women, Violence & Silence

More in my poem- Silence Feeds The Violence

This blogpost is a part of Women's Day Blog hop on the theme #BreakTheBias #BreakTheSilence conducted by Sakshi Varma & Rakhi Jayshankar, powered BeeTess Melt 

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  1. What a powerful statement, WE form the society and WE all have to work hard to make it an equitable society. Totally loved your post and it truly reflects how the society makes us feel..devalued, not respected. I really wish that one day, all of us are treated equally in this society.

  2. A very insightful write. We have to set an example for our generations to come. My mother broke the bias even before that when she joined AMC and was one on the 1st 3 women to join the army. My father broke the bias 52 years ago. He had distributed sweets to the whole hospital when I was born 52 years ago and he did the same when my daughter was born. Daughters were not a welcome sight then. A couple was considered unlucky if a daughter was born. He led by example and taught people to celebrate as Laxmi had come and that a daughter is as valuable as a son. Can you pls read my article and share your feedback. looking fwd to it. regards

  3. We all should work towards it. Love our take on this. decisions taken by a women should be the final one. No matter which and what she decides.

  4. True breaking the bias is a long journey and we all must do our bit to bring on the change.

  5. Breaking the bias begins with ourselves. We need to evoke the inner leader that resides within us and enhance our presence and impact. It begins with loving ourselves and being proud of the choices we make.

  6. Absolutely! Talking about the various biases women face and taking steps to minimize them is the way forward. #breakthebiasbloghop #breakthesilence

  7. This is a critical and insightful blog. I believe we should also incorporate #Breakthebias into our early parenting years. #breakthebias #breakthesilence
    -Anjali Tripathi

  8. We all need to understand the view points of women and treat them equally irrespective of their driving skills, cooking skills or raising kids. Women herself should not be judgemental towards another, then the place will be better world to live in.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Our society forces a woman to become a giver, so that she can become useful for everyone and the drama of worship begins.

  11. We should create a culture where everyone is self-reflective of their thoughts and actions. Respect for women will naturally be a result of it.

  12. To learn and see the world from the viewpoint of a woman is the need. We do not need extra privilege but #breakthebiase that hinders the growth. Sreeparna Sen

  13. We are who We are, We dont ask for more, We ask for respect that we deserve. Perhaps as a first women need to start respecting themselves and then other women and perhaps We Shall create a ripple effect. It does start at home and with self

  14. Very artful articulation of the important issues around women. I am glad you highlighted that women need to be celebrated as they are. Stereotyping on how they look, what they should wear, societal behavior and roles have to be addressed, and the buck stops with us!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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