Thursday 6 September 2018

Women, Violence And Silence

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It is said, 'Silence is golden'.
But, is it really?

Silence may be interpreted in a different way When You Say Nothing At All...

I feel- 'Silence Feeds The Violence'.
Violence is not right. Lord Krishna has said in the Gita that those who suffer injustice are greater culprits than those who commit injustice.

When something terrible is happening, why are people silent-onlookers, rather than protesting?
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I have shared this in my poem- 'India Needs Bravehearts'.

For example, if a man is slapping/beating a woman in public, people would rather 'watch the fun',  click photos or take videos, rather than raise their voice or come to the rescue of the damsel-in-distress.

There is 'Bell Bajao' - an anti-domestic violence campaign that encourages local residents to act against physical abuse by interrupting domestic violence. In such 'ring the bell' campaign people are urged to 'ring the bell' when they suspect any violence taking place inside a home.
How many will feel free to ring their neighbour's bell on hearing his wife's cries for help?

Then, there is the Officer's Choice Blue campaign that asks men to raise their voice and support women. Do not just be a silent spectator; rather take a stand, raise your voice and come to the rescue.

Women may not always get someone to save them. Why wait for a savior?
If they have been victims of violence, they must speak up.

It was heartening to read about the first 'man-free' music fest that was held in Sweden recently. The event was announced last year as the rape and sexual-assault victims of last year's Bravalla Festival decided to not remain silent.
Recently in Korea, women spoke out and 'spycams' in public loos are now under focus.
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Unless, we speak up, how can action be taken?

If women had decided to stay silent and accept the second-class citizen treatment from men, they would never have enjoyed the right to work, earn their livelihood, drive or vote...
We must appreciate that we have been given a voice.
Time to speak up.

What do you say? Do share.

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  1. Absolutely agree with this, Anita! Especially women are programmed to focus on maintaining outer peace instead of happiness and loving thy own self. Even when it comes at a cost of losing their dignity and self respect. Learning to love our own selves first and striving to act in a way that helps our own inner peace is the way to real inner empowerment. Excellent post as usual, loved the questions you raised.

  2. Very much logical take on the prompt,women should make protest without waiting for any savior but as i think two issues play vital, women are not physically as strong as men and second one is,the society is still patriarchal.
    Hope with time things will change.

  3. Agree!
    The present generation is showing changes and attitude. And that is very positive.


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