Sunday 2 September 2018

Meant For Each Other

Rimi was frantically searching all over her room.
She browsed through the pages of the documents and folders in her office-bag.
She just couldn't find the envelope...

It had simply disappeared.
It had a special note that she had written:

Dear Burglar of my heart,
It's tough to stay apart.
There's a lot I'd like to say,
Join me for a date this V'Day.
I'll be there at 'Cafe Forest'!
Drop in at 7 & be my guest!
This note in envelope is my gift!
Let our love-balloon get a lift :)
WOW - Romantic Story

It was the first time Rimi had written anything rhyming and romantic.
She had meant to share her rhyme with the right person, who was really the 'burglar' of her heart.
Sadly, the envelope was missing...
Rimi tried to recollect the exact lines she had written, but she couldn't remember.
'Cafe Forest' was the newest cafe in town that all her friends had visited. Rimi wanted to go there.
But, the lost envelope made her think that perhaps she was not meant for all this...

Two days later, Rimi was surprised to receive a courier that had a red heart-shaped balloon.
There was a note:
"The sweet owner of this balloon  
Will receive a great news soon!"

Later that day, Rimi got a phone-call:
"Hi Rimi! Did you receive my gift?"

Rimi was wondering where she had heard that voice before.

"Congratulations! Your message has won the first prize in our FM Radio-channel's Valentine's Day message contest!"

"Is this some kind of a joke? I had written my entry for the contest, but my envelope got lost and I never got a chance to post it. Who are you?" Rimi asked.

"I'm RJ Jai calling from Balloon FM! I found your envelope in the pool-car and realized that it is your contest-entry for our channel! You have used all the four word-prompts effectively in your message! This Valentine's Day you will be my guest at 'Cafe Forest'!"

Rimi realized that her envelope had dropped out of her bag when she was travelling by pool-car from her office. Such a coincidence that RJ Jai travelled in the same car later and had found her envelope.

Perhaps she was really meant for all this...
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  1. Balloon FM? You sure are creative my dear :)

    1. Always wonderful to hear from you, Soumya!
      Balloon FM Channel - gives listeners a lift!
      Making listeners float with joy is Balloon FM's gift :)

  2. Nice story. simple but interesting. Loved reading it


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